The former sports director of OGC Nice beat Andy Delort

Sacked from the sports management of OGC Nice last summer, Julien Fournier spoke at length to RMC antennas on many topics related to his experience with the Eagles. Among the topics discussed, the former Nice sports director mentioned the case related to the absence of Andy Delort in the last CAN.

Back in selection during this international break, Andy Delort struggled to convince supporters and observers during his last two appearances against Guinea and Nigeria in Oran. Called by Djamel Belmadi, Andy Delort has returned to the Greens, a year after leaving the group with energy; following the explanations later given to the Algerian public. A brief reminder of the facts. Nearing the end of his arrival in Nice, the former Montpellier HSC striker is at the heart of an imbroglio involving him in a voluntary refusal to play CAN 2021 (postponed to January 2022) in retaliation for an OGC Nice signature. As an immediate consequence of this hypothetical scenario, the Nice striker then appeared in the columns of L’Équipe in his desire to rest for a year in the Algerian national team.

A year later, Delort saw his name again linked to a list of Djamel Belmadi after talks between the two men started a few months ago. Unofficially effective after the dismissal against Cameroon, the return of Andy Delort was officially announced in an explanatory video published by the FAF a few days before the announcement of the list for the September 2022 deadlines. communication, Delort explained his absence after personal problems experienced before this time together with bad communication on his part with the national coach. According to his explanations, these two combined elements will explain the situation known to the Algerian public in September 2021.

Delort is inclined to give CAN the signing of Nice

When these explanations are given, the return of order is thus expected by Belmadi and his player to unite the future with a selection in search of new benchmarks. An attempt that may have failed following the revelations of the former sports director of OGC Nice Julien Fournier to our colleagues at RMC Sport. was playing in the CAN scheduled for January 2022 in Cameroon when he signed for Nice in the summer of 2021.

When I first interviewed him, he said to me, laughing: “On the other hand, don’t worry, I won’t do CAN”. He is already in the offices to sign so no blackmail (Editor’s note: regarding a voluntary non-abandonment of the CAN to sign it). we there is not an extraordinary number of players who left the CAN. This is not a parameter to sign Andyhe said during his speech. A statement echoing a rumor then reported a clause stipulating CAN’s exclusion from Delort’s contract. The rumor was quickly dismissed, especially for us in September 2021.

Fournier was not convinced by Delort’s explanations

Revealing Delort’s decision not to play in CAN at the very moment of his signing, Julien Fournier completed his comments with a witticism about the former Wigan player. Do you think that a sports director or a coach, if you know Andy Delort, would force him not to go to AFCON if he has already signed? impossible» he said without a smile in his voice. It was enough to revive a controversy as lively as Djamel Belmadi’s decision to bring back the Nice striker despite reluctance within his group.

Observing Delort’s return to selection from afar, the former Nice sports director wants to respond to the explanations given by Delort on the reasons for his one-year absence from the Greens. Not convinced by the reasons expressed by Delort, Julien Fournier did not hesitate to rub salt in the wound. “I amI think I understood when I read a statement from Andy that he should have explained himself better to Djamel Belmadi because he had personal reasons. The truth is that when I saw Andy Delort in the office, before doing the medical visit, he told me that he would not do CAN. I won’t tell you that it makes me angry. I’m glad he’s not there, selfish of course, but we don’t have fifty players going to CAN“, thus he concluded.


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