Paul Pogba emptied his bag

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A dark year. For Paul Pogba, 2022 isn’t so dire. On April 30, his agent and friend Mino Raiola died after a long illness. A big loss for La Pioche, who grew as a player and as a person with the Italian-Dutch businessman. On the field side, things are not necessarily better for the French midfielder. Indeed, Manchester United experienced a complicated exercise in 2021-22 with a change of coach, a locker room more divided than ever and poor results (6th in the Premier League, without the Champions League).

2022, a year to forget

And on top of this, Frenchy gathers passages in the infirmary. The first between November 2021 and February 2022 after a leg injury during training (87 days absent, 14 matches missed). The second one between April and May 2022 after a calf glitch (35 days off, 6 matches off). Pogba will not be able to finish the season and has been saying goodbye to the Mancunian public since he played his last game on April 19. It is a bit of a disappointment for the tricolor world champion not to end his second spell at Manchester United on top that note.

At the end of the contract, he signed a 4-year contract for Juventus on July 11. After an interesting friendly against Chivas de Guadarajara (2-0 victory), the 30-year-old injured his knee in during training in Los Angeles. Come on, a member of Juve revealed that Pogba will make a “Conservative therapy for five weeks.” The idea is to rush to their feet to help the Turinese and the Blues. But on September 5, Juventus announced that he would undergo surgery. What could compromise his participation in the 2022 World Cup.

Pogba remains positive

Another worry for the Frenchman, who had to handle the same bomb dropped by his brother Mathias. On August 27, the latter posted a video on social networks where he promised to make big revelations about Paul and Kylian Mbappé. Since then, Mathias revealed that his brother would have appealed to a marabout to attack KM7. What was denied by the main interested party, he who brought the case to justice and denounced the extortion attempts of an organized gang. Accused and remanded in custody, like the other accused in this story, Mathias Pogba continues to accuse his brother.

Silent since the start of this event, Paul Pogba has continued his line of behavior. This is a long time to ask GQ Italy on Thursday, he simply indicated that he remains positive. “I’ve always been like that, naturally. I am a positive person. And maybe people ultimately want positive people. “ What really helped him overcome the various difficulties he experienced this year. The player took the opportunity to discuss his return to Juve. “I like to think and say that my heart made the choice. Maybe this is also a good time to come back here”.

Juve, a choice of the heart

Then he added: “The last three years in Manchester, also marred by injuries, did not go as well as I expected. This is no secret. I think that if we add the fact that Juve also went through two years where they did not win the Scudetto, it’s a good challenge for both of us. And maybe it’s the right time to come together and try to take back the place that belongs to us, to Juve and to me. Above all, I want to win again.”. Injured, Pogboom wants to find his team as soon as possible.

“I always want to play, and I want to give the best of myself. Deep down, I know this shirt is special. He brings out the best in me. We are making a great story with this team , which I didn’t forget even when I left Juve. Coming back here has always been a motivation for me, an incentive to do well. I never doubted that this is my place.” But it is a new Paul Pogba that the Italians have found. “The first time I came here I was younger and I don’t have the experience I have now. I am growing in personal life, I have two children, a wife and also a footballer”.

A new situation in Turin

He followed: “I won the World Cup with France, the Europa League with United, I played with good players and a good team. I learned a lot there, it was very different from my previous experience. I had to take more responsibility. I was little here at Juve when I was young, I had experienced players near me. Now I look at myself and think that I became like these players, like Pirlo, like Buffon, like Chiellini. And now I will give what they gave to Juve.”. A good goal for the Frenchman, who admitted that he finds Serie A more difficult than the Premier League and that it is the best league in the world.

“I say there is not much difference between playing for Manchester United and Juventus. If you are in a big club, you are in a big club. And Juve has always been the biggest team in Italy. There, he found Massimiliano Allegri. “I’ve always had a strong relationship with the coach. He’s nice, honest. I know him and he always pushes me when we’re together here. Even when I’m in Manchester, we stay in touch and talk a lot. Pogba has also teamed up with Didier Deschamps. But he knows he has to prove himself to stay at the highest level because the competition is increasing.

Look for the Bianconeri and the Blues soon

“The particularity of France is that every year there are players who are 17 or 18 years old and can play in the team. There is great talent. I think that is why in recent years, France always a potentially very strong team (…) Looking at the list of players called up to represent France in various sports, we say to ourselves that two or three high-level team. can be composed. Fortunately, but it is also difficult because it will be more difficult to choose a coach..

He added: “There was competition but despite that a good group was formed, with a good mentality. The role of the coach is crucial in this regard. To always have his trust, do well and help my national team for many years is my real goal.. His short-term goal is to return to the field with Juve and the Blues. “I like to face the challenges of football and life, beautiful or not, with positivity and always with a smile. The love of football and the desire to return to play is the engine that pushes me every day to work hard to return soon. A challenge cut for Paul Pogba, who only wants to be talked about for football and nothing but football.

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