Overwatch 2: I played 15 hours… So what’s new in Blizzard’s co-op shooter?

Game News Overwatch 2: I played 15 hours… So what’s new in Blizzard’s co-op shooter?

Available soon, October 4 at 9 pm in France, the PvP mode of Overwatch 2 is open to everyone. Simply put, Blizzard’s shooter will be free to play from next week and will have many new features for players.

During our various game sessions in early access or even beta, we got a small idea of ​​the elements that will make up the competitive mode of Overwatch 2. First of all, to be clear on the subject , this is not a new one: veteran players will realize that it is actually a kind of revival or, for others, a big update of the contents. To fully understand, we will talk about a 2.0 version of Overwatch. After years of absence, hope finally reappears with an anthology of novelties, but many rather surprising choices.

Kiriko, Kezako?

On October 4, players will finally meet Kiriko, a support hero with great moves. The latter will be given to all players who own the first version of Overwatch and new players must clear Tier 55 of the Battle Pass to get it, more than half of it. We won’t hide it from you, it’s a long exercise. From the launch of Overwatch 2’s PvP mode, players can play for free with the Queen of Junkers, another hero who holds the role of tank this time, then Sojourn who will be the role of DPS (damage). Going forward, new heroes will be added to the roster as Overwatch 2’s Players vs. Players mode continues to expand throughout the seasons.

New cards that make the difference?

Players who have been able to play the Overwatch 2 beta have already become familiar with it, but new maps are coming for the release of the game : Colosseo, New Queen Street, Circuit Royal, Midtown, Paraiso and the latest, Esperança. Blizzard promises to add exciting new maps and locations for players to celebrate the global launch of competitive mode in Overwatch 2. What could be better than a little visit to the streets of Portugal? Esperança is actually located in the south of Europe and offers corridors where the momentum (the turning point of the game) is at its peak for the Advanced game mode (Push). The old maps have been somewhat modified, however the effects of the time presented by the developers are still pending.

Overwatch 2: I played 15 hours... So what's new in Blizzard's co-op shooter?

Something that appeals to everyone

The quality of life will also be improved, especially a new option that makes it possible to visualize its statistics in battle. It already exists, but is more complete and allows demanding players to quickly stockpile their skills. We can also note the presence of a ping system that promotes communication on the one hand, which can be very useful for people who are not predisposed to use the voice chat integrated into the game. many restrictions such as 100 games played to unlock old heroes and among other things the impossibility of communicating with his allies.

Overwatch 2: I played 15 hours... So what's new in Blizzard's co-op shooter?

Are we going to war?

Then finally, there’s obviously the Battle Pass, a topic that makes some people cringe. This is added to pay for free play‘ and only takes cosmetic items if the presence of subsequent heroes is excluded. To level up the Battle Pass, you need to play while completing various challenges. Some are easier than others, so mounting a Battle Pass is easy. However, it is no longer possible to test new heroes on release day. Ideally, you’ll either have to spend money to level up your Battle Pass, or spend some time in the game to finally get your hands on it. There is a pay-to-fast vision that should not be forgotten, because even if the new heroes are free, it is possible to get them quickly by paying money. Overwatch 2 PvP Season 1 Roadmap (Upcoming Updates) Really solid and already gives us a good idea of ​​what awaits us in the future.

More information will be announced when our Overwatch 2 competitive mode test is released, so stay tuned! Anyway, to give a quick opinion on our Overwatch play sessions: It’s good to return to Blizzard’s shooter, despite the many gray areas, especially for new players.

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