Major European countries are not doing well

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The start of the World Cup in Qatar will be given in less than two months. On November 20, the host country will open their competition against Ecuador. It is difficult after this last international break to give a favourite, although of course the usual big nations have their cards to play. If Argentina and Brazil seem to be going through a good phase, the same cannot be said for the tenors of the old continent. Without mentioning Italy, which did not qualify, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and France all experienced various problems, and to varying degrees, concerned at a time when all stood ready at the starting line. On your mark…

Southaghte has not been mentioned much

The English patient was probably the sickest. A year after reaching the Euro final at Wembley in a competition in which they also did not shine, the Three Lions fell very low. In a League of Nations group with Germany, Italy and Hungary, they finished last and were relegated to League B. The freefall was the result of a drifting game and a captain on board who could no longer hold the helm. Gareth Southgate still continues, entering the defense of 3 or 4, in addition to handling the case of Maguire, like a thorn in the side. Good news though. England finally managed to score in the game against Germany (3-3), which has not happened since November 2021 and a 1-0 success against San Marino.

Germany, a stop that left traces

exactly Germany. He is also plagued by doubts due to his last two matches. Hansi Flick experienced his first defeat against Hungary (1-0), but not a top-tier opponent despite his good generation, before seeing his team get 3 goals in 11 minute at Wembley. The defense created a problem where no leader, apart from Rüdiger, stood out. We have noticed in many a bright lack of leader men in this team, especially on Monday night without Müller (in the kickoff) and Neuer (package for this truce). The famous dream killer Nationalmannschaft seems to be far from its usual character. And then when Bayern Munich is bad, the national team is always bad.

Spain is still looking for executives

In 2021, Spain again got the color between a Euro semi-final, eliminated by Italy on penalties, and a Nations League final lost to France. Since then, however, it has not been popular. This very young team still shows some irregularities, as evidenced by the matches in June and during the ceasefire against Switzerland and Portugal. Despite the obvious talents (Gavi, Pedri), Luis Enrique lacks executives and big players. Some pick holders aren’t even at the club. Only the old Busquets knew the great Spain of the last decade, while voices were raised to recall Sergio Ramos, who the coach did not like, who wanted to remain the only master on the board.

Fernando Santos and Cristiano Ronaldo, too much competition?

Opposing La Roja last night, Portugal also have concerns. There is an air at the end of the cycle for the generation of European champions in 2016, which consists of the super star Cristiano Ronaldo and coach Fernando Santos. Between them, they combined for 104 years. The former, who became a substitute for Manchester United, is likely to play his last major competition of his choice. It is undoubtedly time for the top scorer in history (117 goals in 190 caps) to give up. He who has always loved statistics cannot avoid it. He scored just 2 goals in his last 8 Seleçao games, where between June 2012 and September 2021, he directly accounted for 43% of his team’s goals. In the area since 2014, Fernando Santos has also been talked about a lot, especially since he remained in two failures in the stage of the round of 16 in the last World Cup and in the Euro.

Belgium are still searching for their defense and there are questions for Hazard

Belgium knows a bit of the same syndrome, the pool of players is a bit more similar than its Portuguese counterpart. Since the retirement of Kompany and Vermaelen, the defense has struggled to find itself, and then Alderweireld and Vertonghen are not so young. Debast (18), held against Wales and the Netherlands, is very inexperienced (23 pro games). Roberto Martinez is struggling to find the formula in his immutable 3-4-3. Without the injured Lukaku, the Red Devils have only shown 45 convincing minutes against the Welsh during this stoppage. And then what about Eden Hazard? The Real Madrid winger started two games, a first for a long time, but did he have enough rhythm in Qatar, he who played little in Spain.

A tense climate around the Blues

Reigning world champion and winner of the last Nations League, the French team is not in the best form. Didier Deschamps faces two major problems. Since the beginning of the year, which has already been seen during the Euro, some executives are undoubtedly close to the end. We think of Lloris, Varane, Kanté, Pogba or even Griezmann, much less dominating than in recent years. The Blues also suffered 15 injuries in this last stop, forcing the coach to call in new arrivals if it is good to make this rally a total recall for Qatar. Developments in blindfolded selection were also impaired by in-group (Pogba) and out-group (FFF) activities. “It brings a climate that is not the most calm and peaceful”understatement Deschamps.

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