Hugo Besson poured in 18 points against Pau, Victor Wembanyama was smarter

This season, basketball in Ile-de-France is spoiled: Ismael Kamagate, Juhann Begarin, Axel Toupane and the EuroCup in Paris, the old sticks of Edwin Jackson in Nanterre, Vincent Collet, Hugo Besson and Victor Wembanyama under the projectors by Marcel-Cerdan. Big problem this Tuesday, when our evening meeting is chosen. Derby Nanterre – Basket in Paris, or the acceptance of Pau by Levallois? We threw a coin in the air and it landed on… Victor Wembanyama.

Always good to have Marcel Cerdan, the only room capable of accommodating several thousand spectators and making them urinate in a dojo. There is misery in asking ” Where are the toilets ? »and the opponent’s eyes widened as if the question was forbidden. “Uh, you should go downstairs normally, it’s the stairs over there”. A staircase takes you six feet underground, to a large alley where the sounds of bodies being thrown against the tatami echo. This is also the beauty of the French championship. An intimacy that we are very happy to mock, but we cannot forget when some kind of false honor washes it away.

“Come on, aren’t the chairs here? »

“I’m sorry I don’t speak French”

“Oh okay, the places are, are they many? »

“You don’t have anything free, you can sit here”

It was very opportunistic that this tribune pressed its vassals who were ruled by American fame. Often dotted with some silhouettes, it is – in the middle of the season – full of journalists who come to play scouts and make their Bic pens “click”. The man who speaks the language of Shakespeare does not work for the Midi Olympique or the Voix du Nord. It’s a dark-haired woman, in her thirties, modestly dressed – surely for the cocktail at the end of the game – who seems to have fully discovered the vigor of French basketball. He came from a long way to attend the first three games of Metropolitans 92. His editor-in-chief of New York Times (yes yes) he should be sent to excavate, scout and dissect the picture of the future No. Finally he found himself in the middle of a dozen geeks holding their iPhones vertically, pointing at a 2m21 silhouette, waiting for the least highlights to send it over networks. It has its charm, as long as you stay one step ahead and don’t leave nine other players on the floor. Not just Vico in life, and yesterday’s game reminded us of that.

Three fouls in the first period – one pretty bad – and a roll of tape stretched from his quadriceps femoris to the bottom of the bench: Victor played just 4 minutes in the first half, for 0 points, 4 rebounds and 1 loose ball. We could have consoled ourselves with a good match in the Betclic Elite, still opposing Levallois in Pau, two teams playing in the 2022 Playoffs, but not even. The attraction Michael Stockton, son of his father and metronome of the Pau game, is correct lockdown through the defense of Ile-de-France. That and a breakdown in address (1/12 to 3-pointers at halftime) meant that the visitors scored only 21 points in the first action, against 35 for the Mets: it was depressing. The ray of light in the mist, Hugo Besson is now at 9 pointsscraped in stock well Venice Beach, well individual kitchen, well “Step aside and let me do it!” ». An ease that was fully amortized by Vincent Collet in the post-match conference: “They are individuals [Besson et Wembanyama] is strong, now they have to study others”.

The suspense was definitely covered in the ground when on the way back from the locker room, Victor Wembanyama came through in the second. He will end the meeting with 10 points on 3/10 shooting, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks. A well-paid game sheet given the difficulties encountered against the physical beast Vitalis Chikoko, aka the Béarnaise anvil. The latter, however, went to the pan in a flight of our young crack.

Victor’s ability to draw extraordinary action from ordinary play can be divisive. The highly mediated event that it is, each of the actions relayed in the networks can now be the subject of a “This was his only positive action in the game. You’re a bit misinformed here…”. To be or not, to relay or not to relay. The best formula is to post the action in question without filling its description with superlatives, so as not to spoil the view of those who are not in front of the game. Because of the relays that he is obviously not the author, clumsy praise, lack of click-bait smiley, some already hate Victor Wembanyama under the merit of a form of“arrogance”. Calm down guys, it’s nothing to do with this. As proof, Hugo Besson ended the meeting with 18 points on 6/8 shooting, 2 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 block and 1 loose ball, and absolutely nothing was taken away from his performance. However, he was the 58th choice in the last draft and property of the Milwaukee Bucks, but we will talk more about an average game from Victor Wembanyama, than an excellent performance from Hugo Besson. We have a time to learn how to properly inform Victor, without other good players lost in his shadow.

Fortunately, Vincent Collet is not a twittos and managed, by all means, to find the right words to salute Hugo’s performance. After that remains an old coach huh, the other will cook fathers and ask for 18 points, but Vinz prefers to emphasize his good defense. A good complement to our analysis, it’s cool.

“He made a defensive effort that we didn’t know about him. I already congratulated him. When he came and I didn’t know him, I was a little confused about what he did defensively… or what he didn’t do! *laughs *” – Vincent Collet, coach of Metropolitans 92

Draw the curtain on it beautiful match between Levallois and Pau-Lacq Orthez, the first at home for Victor Wembanyama, and heading to receive Portel on Friday. We will not force you to look, but we still have no information: the interior sector of the Northerners is far – very far – from their strong point.

Thanks to “@_ad.visual_” on Instagram for his photos.

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