Google Maps is preparing 3 major new features to become the perfect tourist guide

Google Maps is excited to announce the upcoming arrival of three features that will help you better explore the cities and places you visit. Between immersive viewing, neighborhood atmosphere and augmented reality, the application wants to be the best tourist guides.

Discover the atmosphere of a neighborhood on Google Maps // Source: Google

Google Maps is already a feature-rich app. It not only guides you from point A to point B depending on your mode of transportation, but it also offers practical information on all kinds of establishments, shows the level of influence in an area, offers virtual to travel to some monuments, etc. This doesn’t stop the service from continuing to add options here and there to be more complete.

Thus, Google announced three major new features coming in the coming months to make Maps the best tourist guide. The Mountain View company wants you to quickly dive into its app. Enjoy an immersive scene, discover the atmosphere of a district, use augmented reality… We round up the big announcements.

Know in advance the atmosphere that prevails in a neighborhood to visit

The Google Maps teams started from the premise that when you visit a city, you don’t need to know what each neighborhood has in store for you. Some are cheerful, some have a more artistic atmosphere, and some are full of great little restaurants to discover. The app now wants to help you get a feel for all of this before you head into said neighborhood.

The Google Maps Neighborhood Atmosphere
An overview of Google Maps’ Neighborhood Vibe feature. The user can see a short video on the terrace of a cafe in Paris // Source: Google

The company thus gives the example of the Latin Quarter of Paris. By zooming in a bit on it, you can see some points of interest like the Pantheon that are well highlighted visually ” thanks to the photos and useful information from the Google Maps community, directly on the map“.“To determine the vibe of a neighborhood, we combine AI with the local knowledge of Google Maps users, who add more than 20 million contributions to the map every day, including reviews, photos and videos.», explains the web giant.

This option is called “Strong in the neighborhoodin English (which can be translated as “neighborhood atmosphere“) promises to launch worldwide on Android and iOS.

Google Maps relies heavily on “immersive view”

During Google I/O 2022, we already discovered the project of “immersive perspectivefrom Google Maps. As a reminder, this function makes it possible to model in 3D many iconic places and their surroundings around the world. We are promised high translation accuracy because the company relies on a formidable photo database thanks to Street View and images taken from the sky.

The teams of Google Maps strongly believe in this project and announce that users can now discover “250 photorealistic aerial viewsin places like the Tokyo Tower or the Acropolis in Greece. But what is that for? Google explained that this immersive view will allow some users to better explore places before going there. That way they can see where to park or find the entrance they need to go through to enter a monument.

Immersive View of Google Maps
The immersive 3D and photorealistic view of Google Maps // Source: Google

Also, the immersive view shows dynamic elements such as weather, traffic and people. A lot of information that can also be very useful before going somewhere. It’s even a question ofpredictive modeling“can tell you”what a place will look like tomorrow, next week, and even next month“. Here again, the idea is to help you plan your visit as possible.

The immersive view of Google Maps even explores which restaurants are near which tourist area so you can decide in advance where to eat after your visit. This whole new experience will be available in the coming months on Android and iOS, but only in London, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco initially.

Practical information on augmented reality

The arrival of augmented reality navigation in Google Maps dates back several years. It even works indoors. Now, this Live View option is enriched a little more. This function that allows the application to see through the camera of your smartphone is no longer content to only show the direction in which you must walk to reach your destination. In fact, you can also launch AR searches.

Live view of Google Maps
Find places in augmented reality with Live View on Google Maps // Source: Google

Google provides an example. “Imagine you go to an outdoor market and you need to withdraw money. With Search with Live View, simply raise your phone to search and instantly see ATMs in one area“. The same goes for finding restaurants, grocery stores, or transit stations. In augmented reality, you can see the opening hours and the level of attendance.

This function will be available in the coming months on Android and iOS in Paris, but also in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo.

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