Game | “The best opus in years”: our FIFA 23 test with a pro player from OM esport

There is a bit of nostalgia. With the unofficial release of FIFA 23 yesterday and its official release that took place on Friday, it was a page turning. After 29 years, the license for football games of EA Sports will actually change its name after the – very expensive – partnership with the international body. This Fifa 23 is the end of a dynasty that bows out in style with a successful opus already (almost united).

“We didn’t expect that, but the game was very good”immediately enlightened “Samylumine”, professional player in the BDS structure and vice-champion of France in eligue 1 with OM, which he represented in the game. “There has been a lot of good feedback and a movement has formed on Twitter demanding no updates”, he continued. Because if the official release happens this Friday, September 30, FIFA 23 will be available since Tuesday 27 for those who bought the last version.

Smoother gameplay, harder shots

This year again, EA Sports has reduced the speed of the matches. “You can lower your game a lot”it is happy that Perpignan is playing at the highest level since 2017. “Technical movements are very fluid”, also noticed Samy. And in fact, all player animations seem smoother, more realistic thanks to Hypermotion 2, the new game engine that captures twice as many movements to reach a total repertoire of 6,000 possible animations. This technology also offers new pleasant slow movements that show through a dynamic animation the distance of the shot, the speed of the strike and the chance to score in this position. An innovation that we find especially after a strong shot that hits the mark. This new ability is the most criticized because by pressing L1 and R1 (LB and RB) during a shot, the player spends time arming a powerful shot occasionally. can only be stopped by the goalkeepers. “I found it strong, but not too much.Samy was angry.

It should be said that strong shot or not, goalkeepers don’t stop much. “They were so strong when they came out in FIFA 22, now they are not strong enough”, confirms the pro player. Last year, EA Sports corrected the situation with a quick update.

Checked the set pieces

In terms of defense, the developers have certainly found a better balance as well. “The defenders are faster than before, they are more balanced compared to the attackers”, said “BDS Samylumine”. On the contrary, the help of the defense is reduced and it is more complicated to recover the ball if his intervention is not done in perfect time. On the other hand, the game is more accessible when it comes to pieces. It is completely modified by a ball target that changes from red to green to adjust the accuracy of a penalty.

In corners and free kicks, a shooting angle is shown and an image of the ball allows you to place its impact with the right stick. Depending on the strike zone, the game shows if it’s a brush shot, a stung ball, an outside leg… Result: “Free kicks are very easy to take and you can score on either side of the cage regardless of your position”, Samy regretted. Updating the goalkeepers can also correct this, but obviously most players only put one player on their goal line. And so much for realism.

More realistic, on the other hand, are the keys. In the absence of systematic loading time, we have the possibility to play throw-ins faster and therefore without the opposing defense being placed. Something to take away from the robotic key scheme that has existed for years in FIFA.

Women’s football in the spotlight

Juventus make their licensed return to the game.Photo by DR

In addition to this array of new features that directly affect gameplay, EA Sports has also changed some game modes. First by putting a touch of women’s football in its game. After the arrival of some countries a few years ago, the French and English are mainly The divisions are available with 4 to 5 model players per team. In total, 19,000 players from 700 teams can compete in 30 different competitions. Among the clubs, the return of Juventus under license is appreciated even if it still lacks strong Europeans such as Atalanta, Roma or Naples.

The career mode has been improved, especially when playing as a player because it is now possible to determine the personality of his player through choices outside the field. To speed up the progress, you can also play only the highlights. You can also embody a real coach modeled in the game.

No relationship with FUT anymore

The Hypermotion 2 engine produces smooth animations.
The Hypermotion 2 engine produces smooth animations.Photo by DR

As for the Ultimate team, the cards have been reshuffled since the collective logic has been checked. There is no more link between the players, it is enough that the players of the starting eleven evolve in the same club, in the same championship or in the same country to increase the total collective score… as long as they are in their position, if it’s not a fall. “Losing the links opens up more diversity. We can see teams that we never had before and above all, we can see the players in their positions”, emphasized Samy. A new virtual currency you earn by completing challenges also allows you to purchase packs. Another innovation: the addition of the “Heroes” card with Jean-Pierre Papin and Sidney Govou for France. Currently, “JPP” should not be played too much by specialists. “They don’t respect it”, laughed Samy, despite the score of 90 given by the former OM striker. However, his “papinades” were enough to make Omar Da Fonseca scream with joy, whose lyrical flights were faithful to what he offered on Bein Sports. The Argentinian took over the microphone this year alongside Benjamin Da Silva.

Another step forward and not the least: online, you can now cross-play on the same generation of machines. But not in the pro clubs! The poor relative of the license at least until its change last year, this mode, although very popular, hardly develops this time and is therefore deprived of cross-play compatibility… at least for now. Now placed in the same menu as Volta, the pro club mode shows a store of improved personalization elements, but its main innovation is in a weekly training session that allows you to collect experience points to improve your player.

In addition to all these game modes, free updates will allow you to play matches in the 2022 men’s and the women’s world cup 2023.

At the time of giving the final whistle to this test, we will see that this latest FIFA is indeed “The best in years. At least since FIFA 17 or 18”, believes in BDS Samylumine. Let’s hope that various updates will not come to spoil this experience.

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