FIFA 23: what’s new in the players’ favorite football game? – Ouest-France evening edition

This Friday, September 30, 2022, the video game will be released FIFA 23. The best-selling football simulation in the world, the new game from publisher EA Sports is the last release to bear the name of the world football organization, the International Football Federation (Fifa). For the occasion, the developers tried to bring many new features that we have rounded up.

For football and video game fans, this Friday, September 30, 2022, has been a day marked on the calendar for a while. Like every year, video game publisher EA Sports has released a new version of its football simulation game: FIFA 23. A special edition because it is the last one with the FIFA name, before the change for the next season. The famous football game will be renamed EA SPORTS FC. In the meantime, players can get their hands on the new version ofEA Sports, with many new features. Arrival of women’s clubs from England and France, new mechanics of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), new comments… Overview of the new additions you will find in the game.

The French and English women’s championships are “ in the game »

This is one of the main big new features of the game this year: fans of the French and English women’s championship can play with their favorite club this year. The title has acquired the licenses of two competitions, D1 Arkéma for France and Women’s Super League for England, and clubs.

For the occasion, the players from the main clubs of the two Leagues got their faces to be modeled as faithfully as possible within the football simulation. This arrival of women’s football clubs follows the arrival of the elite, two years ago.

THE try and renew

A true EA Sports cash machine, the publisher has tried to change the experience THE. Game mode that allows players to create their teams from scratch, THE is the preferred game mode for gamers. Despite the controversy surrounding the “packages” (Where “loot boxes”), these elements of the game that give cards to players randomly, they are always there.

For innovations, you need to look at the collective side of the teams. This part of the drama completely redesigned by the publisher to bring a new experience to players.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition cover art. (Illustration: EA Sports)

Another innovation: a new virtual currency appears in this game mode. In particular, it allows players to get other player cards, again through packages and randomly, to improve their teams.

The “ power shot » at the heart of the game

This is one of the main novelties specific to drama : the power shot. A new mechanic. Through a specific key combination, players can trigger powerful strikes that have a better chance of going straight to the goal. A mechanism created to try to shake players’ habits.

On the playing field itself, the set pieces have been completely revamped. New dribbling moves are also available thanks to HyperMotion2 technology, which allows game developers to create more realistic animations.

Repeated single-player game modes

Finally, for those allergic to FIFA’s multiplayer game mode, the publisher has not forgotten the single player game modes. Career mode is entitled to new cutscenes when choosing to become a coach. We can also embody a real coach like Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte or Patrick Vieira.

For fans of Career mode where you play as a football player, the experience has been completely revamped with new menus and new cutscenes.

Sam Kerr, Chelsea player, is the face of FIFA 23 (Illustration: EA Sports)

Finally, another innovation that will please fans: the men’s and women’s World Cups are also in the game. competition to be played next November and December.

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