Discover the new official Free application to manage your Freebox account

Discover the new official Free application to manage your Freebox account

After beta and alpha tests, Xavier Niel’s operator launched the new “Freebox – My subscriber area” application this week. Univers Freebox offers you a fairly complete test of the possibilities offered by this new, very practical tool.

Available since yesterday on iOS and Android, a new application has been added to the suite of tools offered to Freebox subscribers to better manage their user experience. It focuses on the management of information related to your Freebox account, to offer a subscriber space completely designed for mobile devices.

You can download it for free from your application store and Univers Freebox offers you an owner’s tour to discover the various functions offered by Freebox – My subscriber area. However, you will need your Free credentials to connect to your space. Note that you do not need to be connected to your network to access all features.

A rather admirable clarity of use

Before entering your credentials, you will see a set of slides that scroll through showing you the different possible uses of your application. You can read it all or skip it, you just need to enter your identifiers. You can save them and if you forget your password, a button is offered to reset it.

Once connected, you will be on a home page that offers you important information about your offer. Libre chose to offer clickable buttons rather than a tree structure, thus allowing easy access to every piece of data you want to consult. Thus, by clicking on your offer you will find a summary of what your package offers in general, you can also access your final invoice. In a currently empty banner, you will also find some promotional offers offered to subscribers, depending on their availability.

We can also notice a button dedicated to WiFi, which will allow you to find the password, network name or even a QR Code to connect to wireless networks on your box. In fact, if you have configured several networks according to the WiFi card of your offer, you will be asked to choose one to access this different information. Note about your WiFi key, it is suggested to display it in plain text but it is hidden from the beginning and you also have a clickable button that allows you to copy it directly, which is easier​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ you dear

You can navigate between the four sections using a banner at the bottom of your screen. One of them, titled “invoices”, will give you all the information you need to understand what you’re paying each month. In addition to showing all payments, sorted by year, the operator also offers to find your last invoice but above all a practical tool: an invoice guide. All you have to do is click on “understand my invoice”.

First, a summary of clear information, for example the difference between your first invoice and the price of your subscription. But if you want to understand it better, you can click “consult the invoice guide”. he heard”support you in understanding your offer“, with a sample reading divided into four click points, each clearly explained.

A page is also dedicated to help. This is a simple transcription of the dedicated website, with adaptation for the small screen of your smartphone. We will note, however, the possibility of accessing different ways to communicate with the operator in case of a problem. Also remember, if you are in an eligible area, you can find your local Free Proxi service exchanges in this section. This is not our case here.

Practical possibilities to manage your account from your pocket

In addition to these sections that mainly contain information, a final one is presented, called settings. Here you can make many changes to your subscriber area. The division is made clear in a part of your personal information, where you can change the email as well as the contact phone number. A section is dedicated to password management for your subscriber area, where you can, for example, choose a more secure password with the advice provided by the operator.

Similarly, many options are related to invoicing. In this dedicated section you can for example choose the way you want to receive (or not) your invoices, but also change your RIB if necessary to avoid any problem, if you change bank for example.

You can also choose whether or not to activate your app’s notifications, which can be accessed at any time via the small bell-shaped button displayed on the top right of your screen. Rate your app and access its privacy policy is also possible.


This new application ticks all the boxes in a great port to the subscriber space. All the information distributed in only four categories and accessible with one click from each of them allows an intuitive user experience. In our use, we did not encounter any bugs. However, it should be noted that it is not possible to change your options or manage your various subscriptions taken within the Freebox offer (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.) or for example TV packages. Meanwhile, for an application that has just been launched, it will allow Freebox subscribers to easily find their Free offer.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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