Decathlon hits hard with this folding electric bike sold at a crazy price!

For the ecological transition, the government deploys national aid to buy an electric bike. Employees can take advantage of a bonus of 400 euros. Considering this device, the price of the Decathlon electric bike is surprisingly cheap. Discover information about the Moma electric bike.

The price is affordable

It is likely that few French people are aware of the existence of the bicycle bonus. The decree of August 12, 2022 includes the extension of the national aid for the purchase of a bicycle. The allocation of ecological bonus of 400 euros depending on the source of income.

The beneficiary can take advantage of the opportunity to buy a new electric bike. This assistance is paid only approved electric bikes. The Moma model from the Decathlon brand meets this condition.

The bike in question is a range model with an almost unbelievable price. It is offered by Decathlon at a price of 899.99 euros. With the intervention of the bicycle bonus of 400 euros, you have to pay €499.99.

A high quality product

Decathlon offers its customers a foldable two-wheeled vehicle that weight only 18 kg. It is easy for you to store it in the garage or put it in the trunk of your car. The famous manufacturer of sports and recreational equipment has designed an aluminum bicycle.

Regarding its speed, reach up to 25 km/h. The Moma series of electric bicycles have a motor that 250 watts. It is powered by a battery of 16 Ah which only proves its power and quality.

These capacities allow him to maintain autonomy up to 80km. You should know that the battery is easy to charge because it is removable. You can get full power after 4 hours of charging.

In addition, parts such as the sprocket and derailleur are from the Japanese company Shimano. It is the same for gear levers. The Moma quality bike is available on the Decathlon brand website.

Huge ecological impact

Probably not necessary remember the fame of the giant Decathlon sports. The group made a name for itself internationally with a turnover of €13.8 billion in 2021.

However, these millions of products sold each year can have a detrimental effect on the environment. Global warming has more and more impact on the business of the brand that makes Quechua tents.

The topic of the circular economy and environmental issues about the French brand. In addition, the brand’s communication manager about sustainable development mentioned it.

Marie Chaillou recognized that the activity of the Decathlon group in great ecological impact. The latter explained that it cannot be ignored. Marie Chaillou explains that the brand needs to work on this problem to reduce it.

Decathlon should be taken “The real commitments that are important and effectively measure this effect to know where to act”. In fact, the productions are responsible for 80% of greenhouse gas emissions.

The production of products, ie the transformation of raw materials, in particular the cause of these emissions. The most effective solution to this problem is to ensure the stability of each product.

Decathlon adapts

Anthony Le Mens, responsible for the second life of Decathlon products, shows that their production there must be many lives. The latter explained that climate change and energy problems have an impact on the availability of materials.

The situation creates tension at the transportation level. In-store employees will no longer accept disposable products for disposal. On the other hand, the Decathlon group has committed to the Net Zero 2050 agreement.

The commitment is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases closest to 0 by 2050. Anthony Le Mens explained that Decathlon’s customers are also changing their habits.

Even in the practice of sport or their consumption. All these factors push the company to adapt. By 2022, Decathlon has succeeded in preventing the issuance of 500 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere.

This became possible because of the sale of more than 190,000 repaired products. Upcycling, a brand collaboration with another company to re-promote some materials.

For example, the fabrics of inflatable kayaks are used to make backpacks. Julie Delignon, in charge of the circular economy, stated that the Decathlon also launched rental offers. These tools avoid buying new products that only have one life.

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