we summarize the controversy over the boycott of a football match with the elected RN in five actions

Politics also invites itself into the field of football. On Wednesday September 28, representatives and former professional players such as Sonny Anderson or Christian Karembeu will participate in a football game, the proceeds of which will be donated to the association “e-Enfance”, which is fighting against school bullying and cyberbullying, with the national number 30 18.

But on the eve of the meeting held at the Emile Anthoine stadium, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the deputies La France insoumise (FI) and PS decided to boycott the meeting to protest against the presence of the representatives . from the National Rally (RN), which led to mixed reactions from other parties. And posing, once again, the question of the normalization of the far right party. Anyway, the game will happen. According to Pierre-Henri Dumont, one of the three captains of the team, the boycott does not refer to more than ten representatives, out of the 34 registered. Franceinfo summarizes this political-football controversy in five actions.

1Left wing deputies decided to boycott the match to protest against the presence of the RN

In the end, no. Tuesday, September 27, The Parisian revealed that the deputies of the LFI decided to leave their crampons in the locker room to protest against the presence of four representatives of the National Rally, including Philippe Ballard and Julien Odoul. A first for the team of French representatives, which, until now, did not accept right-wing parliamentarians.

“The National Rally wants to make this game, which was originally dedicated to the service of a good cause, a purpose of political recovery, aiming to prove the so-called ‘normalization'”, justified LFI in a press release on Tuesday. Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party has announced that elected officials will directly finance the association.

On the PS side, one of the three captains of the team, the socialist Marietta Karamanli, first confirmed her presence in Parisian. “I intend to be vigilant, together with my colleagues, on the behavior of the players and take care that this participation is not a platform and that no offensive, discriminatory, racist or sexist words or behavior are made or said”, however he warned. However, in the end, the socialists followed in the footsteps of their allies in Nupes and announced, instead, the boycott of this sporting event. “Socialists and related representatives reject this trivialization of the far right”they wrote in a press release.

2Aurore Bergé, the president of Renaissance, recommended his group not to play

A few hours later, another twist. At this time, the president of the Renaissance group, Aurore Bergé, personally asked his troops “not to participate in a game that results in a ‘team photo'”. gold, “We don’t play on the same team. Neither extreme right nor extreme left”he wrote in a message delivered to AFP.

“We don’t choose the composition of the Assembly but we choose who we are with.”

Aurore Bergé, president of the Renaissance group

at franceinfo

3Some representatives of the Renaissance continue their dream of playing this game

But the Bergé line was not followed by all Renaissance players. If others confirm to franceinfo that they will not participate, such as Benjamin Haddad or Marc Ferracci, others will be in the ground on Wednesday night. “In this presidential majority, we are not clumsy deputies”the deputy of Yvelines Karl Olive explained to franceinfo. “What right, what legitimacy can La France do without doing anything to give us the camp of the good, the camp of the bad and why not next ask for the religions of the players?”he continued.

“The LFI and the PS did not have the same choice when the RNs played in the rugby team. Maybe there was less media so no political coup was possible”added MoDem deputy Erwan Balanant, who will wear the jersey well without “pat on the back RN”. Louis Aliot (RN) and Alexis Corbière (LFI) actually played in the parliamentary XV. “I do not believe that we normalize the representatives of the RN when we play a charity football match, no one shares their ideas, but we fight with them in the politics of the hemicycle”added the deputy Renaissance Stéphane Buchou, who was not on the ground Wednesday night but for questions on the agenda.

4Marine Le Pen laments “hate, all the time”

Guest of RTL on Wednesday morning, Marine Le Pen strongly reacted to this controversy. “It says a lot about these people. In fact, it’s hate all the time, everywhere, fighting all the time”he scolded. “They are against one of the best values ​​of sport which is that sport, precisely, is the place where you don’t do politics”he added, convinced that the groups that called for the exclusion of this game are “judged harshly by the French”.

5The controversy returned to the government

The ministers also thought about the position of taking the subject. When the RN sits in the Assembly numbers, “That doesn’t mean we have to join their quest for normalization”, urges the government spokesperson to Cnews. However Olivier Véran recognized a “ambivalence” to boycott this game: “By telling you that I will not play, I participate in the event that consists of raising the feeling that they are rejected, that they are victims of the system, etc.”he developed.

Asked by Sud Radio, the Minister of Solidarity, Jean-Christophe Combe, further regretted this boycott “You look beautiful today” the 89 deputies of the RN. “I don’t play football but I don’t think it’s the right way to fight the ideas of the RN”, it is “a bad example, a bad fight to lead”. There has never been a football game so politically controversial.

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