Top 14. Castres has found “his French scrum half as a medical joker”

Pierre-Henry Broncan has been named a French scrum-half to make up for the absence of Jérémy Fernandez. (©SG for Rugby News)

Saturday September 25, during the victory against Brive (12-6), Castres lost his scrum half Jeremy Fernandez for a good part of the 2021-2023 season. Operated for a rupture of the cruciate ligaments in one knee, he will be away from the field between 6 and 8 months. “It’s for him”, regretted Pierre-Henry Broncan. “Nowadays a cruciate rupture is common in our game and we come back very well from this type of injury. We saw it today with Tyler Ardron and Pierre Colonna who were our last two players who had surgery at the Crusader and now trained normally. »

The manager of Tarn did not waste time to overcome this blow, because he showed that a “medical joker has just been found”, without revealing his identity. “He is French, because it is important to have a Jiff (Player from French training, Ed) in our rotation. We immediately solved the problem there. (…) This medical joker is coming tomorrow, but I can’t say who it is yet, because there is a medical examination to pass. We expect him to be present at training on Thursday. »

Broncan: “If Antoine Dupont wanted to come, I would have taken him…”

Asked if this future CO scrum-half is from the Gers sector, where he is a great follower, Auscitainian Pierre-Henry Broncan replied: “Honestly, if Antoine Dupont (originally from Hautes-Pyrénées but passed of FC Auch, Ed. ) would have wanted to come, would have taken me. But when he saw that Jérémy Fernandez, he did not call me to return to the club…”, he said with a laugh, before continuing:

Between Santi (Arata) and Gauthier (Doubrère), we have a lot of confidence in them in the scrum. Saturday night, I called them to tell them that I was looking for a medical joker. I started by looking at the French scrum-half who had just stopped and the list of unemployed. There are some, but some don’t want to play rugby anymore. (…) We are taking someone, because we need numbers and we know that losing them can hurt the team. Then, we also have a youngster from the Simon Benoist training center who arrived from Aubenas this summer. He is training with us and he is a very hardworking boy who will definitely have the chance to show himself in the professional team as well.

Pierre-Henry BroncanManager of Castres

“I am sincerely thinking about Rory Kockott’s return, but only for a short time”

Although “PHB” does not want to release the identity of the Castres medical joker, he confirmed that it is not Rory Kockott, the former number 9 of CO who passed the defense coach this summer, as he thought. a time. “Rory? Honestly, I thought about it when he became a coach, but now he has so much work to do as a defense coach that he can’t keep up. It would have been for a short time, maybe we thought about it, but there, it was a longer unavailability for Jeremy unfortunately… And then Rory was on the way. He just ate and gained weight (laughs). To be honest, it would have taken another 3 months to get it back in shape,” he laughed again.

Before the imminent signing of this new scrum half in the coming hours, the Tarn workers have already benefited from the return of weight, that of the Argentinian fly half and scorer Benjamin Urdapilleta (36), fresh back from the Rugby Championship he played for the Pumas. “He arrived last night in Castres,” said Broncan. “He is good physically because he has played in the last few matches in Argentina and he has had enough time to rest his injury, so he will be ready to play on Saturday.” The CO playmaker could return if moving to Perpignanthis Saturday 1er October (5 pm), during the 5e Top 14 days.

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