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This international break in September, the last meeting before the World Cup, did not provide the certainty expected for many European leaders. France, Belgium, Germany or England, many choices are really struggling to assure themselves, between the reduction of numbers and dynamics of the half mast.

This month of September is the month of the last time. The final warm-up lap before the clash in Doha, the beginning of what the World Cup qualifiers will almost certainly have to offer. However, in Europe, few positive lessons can be learned from the autumn dates, because the selections are not really inspired and hardly assure their race for the star.

Disadvantages and Incentives

Withdrawn from sporting performance, this international gathering is above all arguing under the sign of physical glitches. The French team in the lead (15 injured players), the coaches actually have to deal with a lot of absences. A significant and unique fact of the final results, which nevertheless questions the reservoirs that exist in some countries or the perceived gap between the level of incumbents and their successors. For example, with the Blues, the performances of Eduardo Camavinga or Dayot Upamecano (to name a few) against Denmark will give an impatient Didier Deschamps some cold sweats. “He did a lot of things that I don’t want to see again. He knows it” , said the Basque, referring to the Real Madrid midfielder. Despite the thinness that appeared against Austria, the problem is not hidden for the players who are called to play a role of reliable jokers in Qatar and for a collective expectation of the turn, after the fall seen in June.

Ditto in Belgium, with different data. In general, the Red Devils team skated, after a draw against Wales (1-1) and a soporific loss to the Netherlands (1-0). For Roberto Martínez, the question mark is on this long-awaited but clearly unavailable pool. In defense, the Spanish technician finally decided to call Jason Denayer, without a club, and the very young Zeno Debast (18 years old, only sixteen games with Anderlecht), still weak to express the himself in these games. One difficulty among many others, the lack of attacking momentum of current veterans Eden Hazard, Dries Mertens or Kevin De Bruyne, “Tired of playing the same matches every time” just promoting.

Europe in trouble

Physical difficulties or not so good, these arguments remain acceptable two months before the deadline. However, when it is clear that there is no need to draw definitive conclusions at this specific time period, other choices do not seem to be developing. England and Germany also gave some signs, this Monday (3-3). the Three Lions unrecognizable since the Euro final – five defeats in their last five outings before challenging the Nationallf – and the stylistic antipodes of the technical inspirations offered during the summer of 2021. Galvanized by the aura of a competition almost exclusively played at home (six games out of seven played at Wembley) , Gareth Southgate’s men are no longer able to reproduce. their ephemeral exploits, despite a plethoric workforce. Before the reduction of the score of Luke Shaw against Germany, the last English goal scored in the game, returned on March 29 and a success against Côte d’Ivoire (3-0).

On the other hand, Germany, in full run-in since leaving the road in 2018, is also on a thread. Main knot: some difficulties in consolidating a constantly changing group (51 players used since the Euro), abused and defeated against Hungary (0-1). Executives lacking in defense, where only Manuel Neuer and Antonio Rüdiger act as spices, and in attack, with the goal scorer’s position abandoned since the passing of Mario Gómez. Less affected, but just as irregular, Portugal, lost in the elections of Fernando Santos, Spain, stuck in an old style, and the Netherlands, still recovering, also fight to have peace. Paradoxically, the most suitable major European country is Italy, which emerged alive from its “group of death” after rejecting England and Hungary, but was spared the trip to Qatar.

Brazil and Argentina in ambush

This European draft could open a greater path for the South Americans, who have been denied a world title for 20 years. First, Brazil, the obvious favorite. “The doors of choice are getting narrower and narrower” , Tite was also pictured, when his list was announced in June. A way to announce the locking of his list of 26, to rotate for almost a year. All are supported by qualifications that are validated openly and a series of mostly cheap friendly matches, to fill the confidence. Ultra-determined and driven by a Neymar who appears on a mission, the Auriverdes could only take advantage of a slight misstep by their opponents from the Old Continent.

The victorious lap, which can (finally) also rush Argentina by Lionel Messi and Scaloni. Repeated slightly, theAlbiceleste paradoxically got rejected by his excessive talent, and the collective spirit – the famous “Scaloneta” – better armed than in the previous decade. Not to deviate from the rule, this World Cup is definitely one of the bad surprises in Europe. It remains to be seen which country will contribute to the cost.

By Adel Bentaha

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