Inflation bonus: these French people touch it

The economic situation in France since this year seems to be very complicated. In this way, the government seems to have helped the French by create help and bonuses such as the inflation premium. Therefore, the latter should usually be paid now and therefore can be in your bank account. This last like 100 euros per household plus 50 euros per dependent child. We will explain everything here.

Has the inflation bonus been reached?

The inflation bonus comes for everyone, but not on the same date. In fact, the the recipients of the social minima have already received it. From now on, it is the turn of beneficiaries who are entitled to Pôle Emploi to collect it. In effect, this inflation premium seems highly anticipated.

But to receive the inflation bonus thanks to Pôle Emploi, you still need some criteria. In fact, if you have simple unemployment allowance or return to work allowance by its other name, then you are not eligible for the bonus. It turns out that this bonus is intended for those who are eligible the specific union allowance. For unemployed people at the end of their rights. Or for the EAR or even the lump sum premium.

Therefore, the payment of this inflation bonus seems well programmed for now. What’s more, there is no action required, the payment is made automatically, there you goust verify your account. However, if you don’t receive it, don’t panic. To be honest even if the premium reflects the paymentYOUR bank takes a day or more to process it and that’s why you don’t see it right away.

Things to know

You will also need to verify your bank details. If you think you’ve already received it, it’s because your bank didn’t have time to process it. In fact, you can go to your beneficiary account to check bank details that you put. As the inflation bonus seems to have been transferred to the contact details provided.

Also, the value of the latter thus remains 100 euros per household. But if you have dependent children, then the value increases. In fact, a mother with two children thus receives 100 euros of inflation premium, plus double 50 euros per child. In general, it allows this mother of a family to receive 200 euros bonus. Great help is greatly appreciated in the most modest households.

The inflation premium

But for the inflation premium, you have to be careful. The legislator, in the dedicated order, explained “to qualify for assistance, children must be effectively and permanently dependent of the beneficiary of the aid and meet the conditions mentioned in article R. 512-2 of the social security code“.

On the other hand, if you are not eligible for help from Pôle Emploi, but you benefit solidarity allowance with old people hope formerly called minimum old age, we still have to be patient. In fact, it was mid-October that the inflation bonus paid to your account.

And if you are a worker waiting for the inflation bonus and you are entitled to the activity bonus. Therefore it will take more patience. In fact, for the beneficiaries of the activity bonus, the inflation bonus will only be paid mid november.

Qualified persons

There are several possible conditions to benefit from the inflation bonus this year. You must actually be a beneficiary of one of the following aids: Aspa, AAH, APL, ASS, AER, lump sum bonus for continuing activity, RSO, AFIS, simple allowance for the elderly, RSA, activity bonus, scholarships for female students. Also, the reference to the tax house does not seem to have been studied upstream. “The organization that normally pays these benefits will pay the aid, explains CAF on its website. This assistance is paid to scholarship students who do not receive housing assistance from Crous“.

Possible cases for CAF and Pôle Emploi

On the Family Allowance Fund. He usually pays the inflation bonus during that month. Thus, to be eligible, one must be a beneficiary of one of the social minimum written above. For this payment even no step seems to be expected. In fact, the CIF pays assistance to those who already receive the relevant social minimum. So the payment remains automatic.

The same goes for Pôle Emploi, which also automatically pays the inflation bonus. So, you just wait for the bonus to arrive in your bank account without any steps to take. So it is necessary to touch either the SSA hope the EAR. Without it, it remains normal that you do not receive.

A wonderful bonus

Therefore, for people who received the inflation bonus in mid-September with CAF, don’t wait for next month. In fact, even if the the payments seem to be deferred depending on how people qualify. This type of payment is only available once in your account. So this is a primary remarkable. Therefore, you should not wait for a recurring payment at the risk of being very disappointed.

Therefore, for people entitled to the social minimum, the inflation bonus seems to be paid in mid-September. For people from Employment centerthe premium must arriving in mid-October and finally for people who have a bonus in the activity, have to wait for mid november.

The amount of the inflation bonus

Therefore, the government shows, the inflation premium remaining 100 euros per household. To which is added 50 euros per dependent child. Senior citizens are also entitled to receive this inflation bonus. But only on the condition of benefiting from the solidarity allowance for the elderly or minimum age. To this is added, for this case, the 4% revaluation of their pension if they remain in the basic scheme.

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