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To make things worse than the complicated start to the season at Stade Brest, a new wave has recently rocked the Breton ship: Youcef Belaïli has decided to break his contract according to many Algerian media. The information has been formally denied by the Finistère club.


“According to my information, Youcef Belaïli and the Brestois stadium, it’s over! » This is through these words that Saïd Fellak, journalist of Canal Algérie, lit the fuse on Monday. One of the ways to understand this supposed misunderstanding: the banishment of the player on the trip to Paris. The explosive information confirmed by Mehdi Amazigh Dahak, founder and publication director of seriousness DZ Football. Contacted, Stade Brestois was surprised by the horror of his case, before confirming that no formal request from the player or his representatives had been sent to them. Called up for this international break, Fennec should find his way back to the training center this Wednesday, or Thursday depending on return flights, like his compatriot Islam Slimani. The Finistère club confirmed that a point was planned between Grégory Lorenzi, the sporting director, and the internationals on their return to make an initial assessment at the start of the season. For his part, the player’s father and agent, Abdelhafid Belaïli, did not respond to our requests.

Arriving from Qatar SC on the last day of the 2022 winter transfer window, the 30-year-old winger, who will nevertheless become one of coach Der Zakarian’s favorite players, will be hot and cold in his first months in his new- club (3 goals in 13 games). The Algerian international, who ended his freelance career in June after a brilliant end to the season, is expected to leave this summer. In an interview given to wire in May, some signs of doubt about its future were already showing: “No, I’m not satisfied. I hope I can do more. But inch allah, next season, I stayed in Ligue 1 to score more goals and make more assists. Is it in Brest? God willing! » Finally, the story does not end there. The Algerian returned for an extra season on July 10. News that pleased the supporters of Brest, aware of the player’s potential. A very technical left winger, he can make the difference and has great inspirations, like his fall against Clermont in Le-Blé or even this beautiful pawn against Monaco. But apart from these few flashes, the native of Oran is above all irregular.

Delays, average physical condition and a bill of 50,000 euros

Capped four times this season, the man who has 40 caps with Algeria has already provided two assists in six games, but he has yet to fully adapt to Ligue 1. Except against Bordeaux last time out year he has never played a full game. His lack of professionalism is often pointed out, mainly due to his delays in training and his not always optimal physical condition. Brest On Air reveals that the player has even His cousin was sent to his place to do a battery of medical tests in July before the pre-season camp in Dinard. Worse, his excessive sporting failures angered the club. ACCORDING The Telegrama bill of 50,000 euros for the repair work of the house he rented in Relecq-Kerhuon would not have pleased the management of Brest, which is not used to the management of this type of case.

After eight months with the Ty’Zefs, Youcef Belaïli is at a crossroads. If he leaves Brittany by the end of his contract, he will leave a taste of unfinished business among Stade supporters who are easily attached to his atypical and strange profile, capable of dynamiting the bad encounters, which earned him always given position Francis Le-Blé ovation. After his ghostly stint in Angers in 2017, his arrival in Finistère seems like the perfect opportunity for him to restore his image and finally launch his career in Europe. Given his potential, it is difficult not to be disappointed when he sees his trajectory, but the season is still long, and Belaïli has his place in a Brest eleven that is somewhat borrowed badly. At the age of 31, a return to the Persian Gulf is the preferred path when leaving. If the trend is confirmed, it will be a disappointing result for both parties on which this adventure is a bet. The coming hours will be decisive in this case, including Brest, 19e in the standings, it would be good.

By Thomas Morlec

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