Family allowances, RSA, pension: these aids must increase in 2023!

Family allowances and RSA will be revalued in April 2023. Retirement pensions from January 2023 according to information reported by Les Echos this Sunday, September 25.

Little help from the government

The purchasing power of the French will benefit from a small boost from the government. In fact, the State plans a slight increase in social benefits in 2023. That said, in January, retirement pensions increase by 0.8%. As for family allowances, they will increase by 1.7% in April 2023.

It will be like Active Solidarity Income (RSA). Les Echos revealed this information on Sunday, September 25. The government is expecting a revaluation of social benefits to cope with the sharp increase in prices.

To do this, he bases himself on current inflation. Usually, it is based on the previous year. However, as of January 2022, retirement pensions are subject toup 1.1%. A few months ago, on January 1, 2022 to be exact, these same pensions saw another evaluation. This time, 4%.

The government also, at the same time, additional family allowance and the RSA. + 1.8% in April and + 4% in July.

A remaining increase on January 1, 2023

According to Les Echos, the executive assessment of the average revaluation of pensions in the year 2022 is 3.1%. This assessment is in the social security financing bill for 2023.

The daily determined that the French should benefit from the remaining increase on January 1, 2023. The remaining increase is estimated at 0.8% to match inflation in 2022. The same will apply to family allowances and the RSA, which will increase by 1.7%. A planned increase for April 1, 2023.

Inflation seems to rise again next year, ie + 4.3%. As such, it should be at the center of debates in the National Assembly from mid-October. Especially when examining the social security budget.

The left wing coalition has already made a claim. He wanted a new expectation of revaluations while the French facing a crisis. Indeed, the energy crisis is still weighing on the purchasing power of the French.

PLFSS also focuses on three other areas

angry pension and family allowances, this social security financing bill is also related to local authorities. This is mainly in three areas, including the fight against medical deserts. In fact, access to health care for all French people is at the heart of this PLFSS.

As such, the text provides for the creation of a 4th year internship for medical students. According to François Braun, Minister of Health, this creation will take place in less dense areas as a priority. Emmanuel Macron announced this move during his presidential campaign. A measure which does not convince everyone.

As for the communities, the government provides for the installation of doctors. The minister highlighted the illegibility of the aid system. During the next routine negotiations between health insurance and liberal medicine, it will be overhauled. Negotiations will take place in the coming weeks.

This goal is achievable a contract for practitioners. This is to avoid asking for more help. Ideally, in a one-stop shop this request for support should be made. A one-stop shop representing the State, health insurance and local authorities. We will know more about the details of this device during CNR on October 4.

The establishment of a public child care service

The second central axis of this PLFSS is the gradual establishment of a public service for early childhood. This text should lay the first stone of this service to continue the Plan for the first 1000 days. In any case, it is lined up in the office of the Minister of Solidarity. The reform of the supplement to the free choice of method of care (CMG) contains this stone.

For the use of a babysitter, the remaining payment for parents is now higher. Much more important than a place in a crèche, ie 60% of children. The government says that from 2025 and the full implementation of the new systemthere is harmony in dependent residues.

From 2023, the number of places in crèches should increase. The goal isreach 200,000 more places in 2033. In addition, the government also wants to increase support for single-parent families. Jean-Christophe Combe remembers that “a third of these families live with income below the poverty line. Jean-Christophe Combe is the Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and People with Disabilities.

Their family allowance will thus increase from 123.54 euros to 185.33 euros per month and per child, from November 2022. For these families, the CMG is also available until the children are 12 years old. So far, it has only taken 6 years. In general, for children and families, the cost of the investment is 1.5 billion euros.

Autonomy support for the elderly

The third axis relates to support for the autonomy of the elderly. The new government buried the big law on the autonomy of the elderly. However, it provides additional means to help the emergency sector and in the longer term.

For autonomy, cost up 5.2%. This represents an envelope of approx 1.5 billion euros. To respond to the emergency, PLFSS provides an envelope of 440 million euros for structures from 2022.


In fact, inflation also affects medico-social establishments like the rest of French society. In addition, PLFSS also plans to extend the wage increase to the voluntary sector.

And this, in the model of the increase of the index point, was announced in the middle of September. This is to respond to the urgency of the staff shortage. To cover these costs for the year 2023, an envelope of 670 million euros planned.

In addition, there are measures planned to prepare for the change in housing supply and establishment assistance. This is for dependent seniors. At Ehpad, we have budgeted, for 2023, 3,000 of the 50,000 nursing stations promised for the quinquennium.

In addition, to address the Orpea scandal, there is a section on financial transparency in private establishments. Jean-Christophe Combe emphasized the great effort to keep the elderly at home. The creation of 4,000 SSIAD areas strengthening home care services.

Two hours per week will be added to the assistance plan for APA recipients at home. The Minister made it clear that they will put the measure in place in close collaboration with departments who finances the APA.

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