Carlsen: ‘I believe Niemann cheated more – and more recently – than he admitted’

“I believe that Niemann cheated more – and more recently – than he publicly admits,” Magnus Carlsen wrote on Twitter a few moments ago in an expected statement about Hans’ alleged cheating. Niemann.

Carlsen began his text by expressing his frustration with the situation, which is shared by the entire chess community. Then he used the word ‘cheat’, finally becoming more concrete after his enigmatic tweet on September 5 and his video in which José Mourinho can be seen saying: “I choose not to talk; if I talk, I will be in big trouble”.

Carlsen then confirmed what Fabiano Caruana had mentioned in a recent podcast: that the world champion was already considering withdrawing from the Sinquefield Cup before the first round, when he found out that Niemann was the will replace Richard Report.

The most important sentence of his statement is undoubtedly the one noted in the introduction: “I believe that Niemann cheated more – and more recently – than he publicly admits”. However, Carlsen did not specify whether he meant online chess or face-to-face chess.

Regarding internet gambling, Niemann admitted that he cheated on twice, at the ages of 12 and 16, and deeply regretted his actions. In a September 9 posting, IM Danny Rensch wrote for “We shared detailed evidence with him about our decision, including information that contradicted his statements about the frequency and severity of his cheating. at”

Carlsen, who lost with the whites of Niemann before leaving the Sinquefield Cup, revealed in his statement that he also has doubts about the game of his opponent in this game.

The question on everyone’s lips, if the world champion has tangible evidence of his accusations, however, no clear answer has been found. It appears that Carlsen, for legal reasons, cannot fully express himself: “Unfortunately, at this time, I am limited in what I can say without Niemann’s express permission to speak publicly.”

Here is the full translation of Carlsen’s post:

Dear chess world,

In the 2022 Sinquefield Cup, I made the unprecedented professional decision to withdraw from the tournament after my third round match against Hans Niemann. A week ago, during the Champions Chess Tour, I quit against Hans Niemann after playing just one move.

I know my actions have disappointed many people in the chess community. I was angry. I want to play chess. I want to continue playing chess at the highest level in the best events.

I believe that cheating in chess is a huge problem and an existential threat to the game. I also believe that the organizers and anyone who cares about the sanctity of the game we love should seriously consider strengthening security measures and face-to-face detection of cheating in chess. procedures. When Niemann was a last-minute invitee to the 2022 Sinquefield Cup, I strongly considered withdrawing before the event. In the end I chose to play.

I think Niemann cheated more – and more recently – than he publicly admits. His progress in front of the board is amazing, and throughout our match in the Sinquefield Cup I got the impression that he was not tense or even fully focused on playing critical positions, so he made me- outclass black in a way that I think few players can do. This feature helped change my perspective.

We have to do something about cheating, and for my part, in the future, I don’t want to play against people who cheated many times in the past, because I don’t know what they will do in the future. .

I would like to say more. Unfortunately, I am currently limited in what I can say without Niemann’s express permission to speak publicly. So far, I have only revealed myself through my actions, and those actions make it clear that I am not ready to play chess with Niemann. I hope the truth about this case comes out, whatever it is.

Magnus Carlsen – World Chess Champion

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