The secret of Diablo 2 is finally revealed: The text has been decoded! – Diablo II

As I explained to you last week, Blizzard has released some coded text below Diablo 2 Risen patch 2.5 notes. In recent days, the community has been working hard to try to decode it and they seem to have succeeded.

Of the 666 orange numbers available, 664 have been recovered. It took thousands of clicks on the famous gem, but that didn’t stop players from joining the effort. Then, each number must be cut. In fact, the first three digits represent the position of the word in the text. Then, the six numbers that follow indicate the page concerned, the line and the word to point the finger at.

To centralize information, the community has organized itself around a Google Sheet, the GGM Community’s Diablo 2 Resurrected Mystery Cipher. This makes it possible to create a text whose meaning is still somewhat mysterious. I offer you a French translation below but sometimes it’s a bit strange to read, I grant you. Do not hesitate to

That being said, it looks like the text is some sort of summary of Sanctuary’s history and the events that took place in the various games. Thus, the Vision of the High Heart summarizes the events before Diablo 1, while the passage that speaks of a child trapped in the depths of the earth is irrevocably reminiscent of Albrecht. One also understands the passages that approach the case of the first demons and the lower demons. There is also a mention of Hell in the Vision of Grizzled Eyes.

Afterwards, the text talks about a shadow that is undoubtedly the prowler of Diablo 2. Then we move on to the third stage and the Reaper of Souls with references to the Black Soul Stone or Tyrael. Perhaps the text also mentions the world as when Diablo 4 launches.

At the moment, it’s hard to imagine the text as more than a summary of Diablo’s history. It is important to note that the orange figures appear to have existed for at least 9 to 10 months. The first screenshot of such a figure actually dates from the end of last year, excluding a teaser of a feature that will come with patch 2.6 for example. At that time, no one paid attention to it. Everything has been there for a long time and it took Blizzard to point it out to wake up the community, which then began actively looking for a solution to the riddle.

The stones spoke to me again, showing me visions that only I could easily see. How can others be ignorant of their…? They pushed me aside, didn’t they? I will not waste my breath on savas. The crystals in the earth were prophesying before I knew it, these visions tell us secrets.

Vision of the Towering Heart.

The greatest of all was broken into seven darknesses and five lights. The remnants of the stones that laid the foundations for all this destruction move endlessly and impossible … to restore the broken in perfect form. At the moment of…, one of the broken pieces, neither light nor shadow, cut with the ability to create while tight shield. No prison is eternal and soon it was released by the fiery red gem and the long white gem. The ability used to create a secret and secret kingdom. A battle broke out and the seven turned against each other. The Perfect Three, corrupted by the Flawless Four, is a false break to access the Soul Stones. A broken perfect gem. A complete rotten from within. A perfect, well hidden.

Vision of Eternal Fear

Released by a child and held underground by its attackers. By placing the gem on the new host, it goes east. To the east, release two other Dark Stones.

Vision of Grizzled Eyes.

A former enemy of one of the three, thrown into the… No one came back to be imprisoned again.

ancient vision fool

A shadow continues to move, the shadow of a past light that carries within it the spark … of evil brothers together. The dark gem was cut again, to return to the world between realms. Two dark soulstones were broken. One fled to join the eye, the last went into exile. The eye, damaged beyond repair, was destroyed by one of the five lights, broken.

View of life

Fragments thrown to the ends of the earth. Pieces that still hold their ancient power, sought after by those who seek to acquire or destroy.

Vision of the Crowds

Find out of five, the only gem of light, start its new path. An ancient black gem was discovered. A manufactured prison larger than its peers. His thirst…souls strong enough to gather five from the darkness before they could go home. The six gems shown are free. His destiny was to be with his brothers. The seven stands at the top of the eyes. His armies, defeated, finally followed, filling the dungeon with darkness. The prison, which was filled, found a new life in the descendants of the strongest brothers, the seven are one. Primordial in his … set to destroy the throne of light, breaking the perfection of one of the remaining four lights and covering two to victory. So close, only to fail and be imprisoned once by a broken light, standing in the… place of his lost brother. A brother who got a new face.

Vision of the Eternal End

The dark prison marred his rest, stolen by the broken light. A lost brother returns under a new name to claim him, leaving only a shard. A dark gem destined for a new purpose, draws upon the energy of many to power a new master, only to be crushed by the one he serves. The death of an ancient light, those imprisoned, released.

Individual perspective

A false jewel tries to seize a master, but fails and falls into the hands of a lowly host.

Perspective on night

The perfect have finally returned to claim their rightful throne among their brethren.

Vision of greatness

A lost, imperfect gem, finally found…. The fallen light returns to its former glory. A thief left alone for an eternal plan. Seven and Five are torn from their homes, cursed to live in a kingdom…hidden. A lost brother, a guide to the fall. Exchanged places, cursed forever.

For your information, here is the original text.

the stones spoke to me again showing Visions that only I can easily See how others who do not know their .. reject me will they not waste my breath, in the bastards. the crystals of the earth prophesied before I knew These visions tell us the secrets Vision of the high heart the great of All is broken into seven Darkness and five Light the remains of the stones that lays the foundation for All destruction sets the Action forever and impossible. task of restoration “What was broken to be perfected Once again the Eye is one of the broken pieces of Light or Shadow cut with the ability to create while It is near. protected no Prison forever and soon released by the Burning that red gem and High white gem the ability used to Create A secret and hidden Kingdom War broke out and the seven returned to each other The Three, completely damaged by the four flawless, A ” false break to gain access, to the stones of the soul a completely broken gem a completely rotten from within a completely hidden deep Vision of eternal horror. released to A child and held deep within the earth file by his attackers. placing the gem inside the new host It drives East. East. to be released by the other two dark stones Vision of grizzled eyes A former enemy of one of the Three, thrown into the Never returned to be imprisoned Once again Vision of the Mad old lie A shadow continues Moving on shadow of A past, Light that brings. within It the spark of evil Brothers together. the Dark gem was cut again only to return to the world, between the Realms two Dark soul stones broke one fled, to join the eye the last one was completely exiled the eye was rotten so that be destroyed by one of the five Light turned shards Vision of shards of life thrown into distant pieces that still hold echoes, of their former power sought by those who seek to gain or destroy the Vision of the Crumbs cast from the five light gems begins its path A new one an ancient Black gem is discovered A Prison is made bigger than its relatives its thirst for strong souls. to gather the five of Darkness before they can go home. the six jewels that freely show his destiny to join his Brothers and sisters the seven that stand at the feet of the eyes Finally his defeated armies follow: at last the Prison is filled with Nothing but darkness . the Prison that was filled was given new life to the born. of the stronger Brother seven who became a primal in his power set to crush the throne. to break the Light, the perfection of one of the four Remaining Light and there are two victories about to fail and remain Imprisoned Once again An Interaction Light stands in place of his lost Brother A Brother who gets a a new face Vision of the eternal End A Dark Prison spoils his resting place stolen. by broken Light A lost Brother returns under a new name, to claim It left but a fragment A dark gem twisted to a new purpose, gaining Strength from many to power A new master can only be crushed by one It serves the death of A former Light those Imprisoned release the Vision of the individual A “false jewel tries to catch, A Prime fails and fell to A small crowd Vision of the night the perfect return of the end to finally claim their rightful throne. among the Vision of the Greatness of the Brothers A lost error, the jewel returned at last A fallen. The light returned to its former glory? A thief left alone. to plan forever the seven and the five held from their homes cursed. to live in a kingdom LONG hidden A lost Brother A fell. guide to places.. forever. cursed.

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