how to post on computer?

Do you want to publish photos, videos or stories or send a message on Instagram, but via PC? So here’s the way to go!

We have already taught you how to set dark mode on Insta, but do you know that you can also use it? Instagram on a PC ? Unlike SnapChat, Instagram has a browser-based version of its social network. Thus, it is possible to go to Instagram through a computer portable or stationary.

In addition to having the possibility to download the application through your desktop, you can go directly to and access your user profile, direct messages, reals and feed. If you don’t know how, here’s how. We will also tell you what it is possible to do on Insta on PC or what is not available compared to the mobile version. Let’s go.

Why use Instagram on a computer?

There are many reasons why you might want to use Instagram on PC. In our experience, for example, when working on social networks, it is always interesting to center your tools to work on your computer. This allows, among other things, to separate the phone from work by using your PC for work-related tasks. For one Community Managerposting its publications on Instagram on the computer, maybe a real profit.

It also allows you to have your computer with us instagram statistics, which you can transfer to your client files or report files of your statistical audience that you have on a PC. Also, it allows you to repeat less when you post. Example: If you edit a photo of photoshop, that you have your videos and photos on the PC because you transferred them from your smartphone. But also, when you make an Insta post go, and so on. In short, it will save you time than transfer images to mobile to post it through the app.

You can even save time with Insta on PC+ Preview the Premium app on the computer to schedule your posts on your Instagram account directly on the PC. Access Preview:

Another reason that may lead you to go to Instagram on PC. You may want to browse Insta on a computer. It’s so simple!

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How to get Instagram on your PC?

To get to Instagram on a PC, nothing could be simpler. You have two solutions. Download the application through your computer store, or use the browser-based social network.

Download Instagram App on PC

First, go to your computer store. On a Mac, go to the “applications” folder or the Mac App Store from your computer. On other computers, go to Microsoft Store. Type “Instagram” and download the app. Note that on Mac, some versions do not allow you to download the Instagram application. In this case, the second browser option is prescribed.

instagram pc computer browser (1)

Go to Insta through a browser like Google

To access Instagram on your PC, you can use the browser. This is also the most recommended option for reasons of practicality and to avoid clogging up your storage unnecessarily with an application.

  • So, to access Insta on PC, you need to go to the official website, at Instagram login page :
  • Afterwards, enter one of your identifiers and your instagram password. This will be the same login information as on mobile. Press “connect”.
  • You are now in your Instagram account. Before accessing it for the first time, the site will almost certainly ask you verify your identity by entering the code received via email or SMS. Check it out and access Instagram on PC.

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What can Insta do or not do with a computer?

Finally, you should think about what changes between Instagram PC and Instagram on mobile. Actually, not much. You’re almost there same parts in two versions.

What are the changes between PC and mobile Instagram

You can also send and receive photos and videos, live messages, like app. It is also possible see the real, storiesand so on.

It is also possible to post real ones, to see them, but also to manage your Instagram subscribers and your subscriptions. It is also possible manage your accounthis identifiers, passwords, to delete his account, to see his archives… in short, like the application.

The useful thing is that you can also post to your account via computer. On the other hand, Instagram on PC does not offer not yet the possibility to post stories. However, here’s how to post a photo or video to your Insta account connected to your PC.

instagram pc computer browser (2)

How to post an Insta post on a computer?

  • Once connected to your Instagram account on PC, as explained above, here’s how to post to your feed. Click on the icon [+] located at the top right of your screen. The icon is between the live (message) icon and the Discover Insta icon.
  • A window will appear and you are asked to select photos or videos. Go to “computer selection” to select your posts or drag them into the window from your PC. You can select several to put multiple photos or videos in the same post. Like on mobile!
  • Then you have the option of cropped images selected. When done, click “next” on the top right of the window.
  • The following allows you to edit the image by permission filters, settings, and so on. Once your post has been edited, click “next” again.
  • After that, Instagram on PC will ask you to enter other information such as the description of the photo. You can put it there a caption and hashtags for example. There are also options to tag people, add a location, and more. Click “share” if you want to publish.

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