Basketball/Elite: Elan could not have started the season better

In addition to Stockton’s magnificent performance, we remember from this first game Garrett Sim’s 5 of 10 from 3 points, 18 points and…

In addition to Stockton’s great performance, we can remember from this first game 5 of 10 3-pointers by Garrett Sim, 18 points and 9 rebounds by captain Giovan Oniangue, who walked the floor for 38 minutes, 17 points and 5 rebounds in a Chikoko. in the legs, the 15 points and 6 rebounds of a promising Cummings but who continues to make his mark, and the 4 points and 6 rebounds of an authoritarian Enzo Shahrvin who set a date for the future.

You counted correctly, that’s 79 out of 83 points earned only by members of the major five. This proves the room for the development of this new Elan that will surprise others if Landing Sané, Gérald Ayayi and Fabio Milanese rise to the level of the six main people who defeated SIG and its workers built for the Top 4.

► 1st quarter: 14-27

No minute observations. Okoye scored 3 points on the first possession, Cummings answered him at the buzzer on the next. The game was launched on an offensive basis that the sequel cannot be denied. After 3’15 of the game, Eric Bartecheky has already stopped the game, his team is chasing 6-13 with a SIG that can easily attack it (5 of 6 including 3 of 4 of 3 points ).

The time-out did not cool down a devilish Okoye (11 of the first 19 guest pts) relegating Elan to 11 points (8-19, 5).e). The Pau coach decided to open his bank completely. Shahrvin was immediately recognized by 2 offensive rebounds and one against a gap reduction. A tap and a throw from Léo Cavalière widened the gap a bit more (10-24, 8e). The former Pau even went there with a three-pointer to break the mini-revolt driven by the Béarnaise defense that had just sent Oniangue to the queen twice before the lemons.

►2nd quarter: 44-41 (30-14)

Restart favorable to locals. 4 shots from Oniangue reduced the gap to less than ten (18-27, 12e). The author of the last 8 points for his team, Cavalière provided the essentials to leave his team in control (18-29, 13e) even if Lassi Tuovi feels the right moment for the first call to order, his men are already in punishment. Elan took advantage of the opportunity to accumulate throws, 8 in a row, and approach without seeming to touch them (22-29, 13).e).

Between a defense that was seriously reformed (only 8 points condemned in 7 minutes), a Chikoko (10 pts) who claimed the racket, and a Sim who found his address from a distance of right time, here is Elan to return to a possession (33-35, 17e) GIS does not expect this. Even less than two dunks by Shahrvin, the first served on a plate by Chikoko for the equalizer at 37 (18).e), the second that gave the first advantage to Elan (41-40, 20e). Sim confirms with the buzzer!!

► 3rd quarter: 64-57 (23-16).

Conserving all QT2 of his 2 faults, Cummings returned. Not the GIS that continues to suffer the defensive consistency of Béarnais perfectly driven by Michael Stockton (49-43, 23).e). After a push to +7 after a great offensive rebound changed to a basket by Cummings (52-45, 24e), Strasbourg offered more toughness and discipline that brought it closer (54-51.26e). An alert that the scene and the talent of Stockton, already at 10 pts, 8 assists, 3 interceptions, will quickly evacuate (59-53, 28e).

The same Stockton at the end of a beautiful sweeping move, with the ball going through all the hands of Pau without touching the floor, before a 3-point basket from the leader who facing the circle, equal to the greatest gap of the sun , +9 ( 64-55, 30e).

►4th quarter: 83-80 (19-23)

A quick 5-0 from the visitors (64-62, 32e) was enough of an alert for Eric Bartecheky who remembered the fissa of his world before sending Chikoko and Cummings back to the putty. They did not stop Okoye and Mitchell from finding their address at three points. 5-0 became 11-0 in less than three minutes (64-68, 33e). Stockton stopped the series at the line, which Cummings passed connecting two “big” shots from the distance (69-68, 34e) which has brought many benefits to the people of Pau. Sim continues from far at the buzzer, and here is Elan, right on the throw line, leading by 5 points with 1’50 from the end (80-75).

At 53 seconds from the buzzer, the score did not change. After the time-out, Mitchell revived the game for SIG (80-78, 15 seconds in the game), but Oniangue, already in the offensive camp, was served by the excellent timing of Chikoko who smelled the carrot well ( 82 -78, 11). sec.). One time-out later, Mitchell scored (again) immediately from the throw-in (82-80, 10 sec). Don’t panic among the locals. After the last throw-in, the ball circulated well until a foul was committed by Giovan Oniangue. With 2’7 seconds left, the captain scored the first pitch, missed the second, but Cummings jumped higher than all the Sigmen to get the last rebound of the game. That is the first great joy.

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