ASM – La Rochelle (22-13): the notebook of Clermontois

Etienne Falgoux (6). Solid in the fight, with exemplary activity in the game without the ball, he fully participates in the collective work of an admirable package. He fell a bit in the second half. Superseded by the 62nd Giorgi Beria (5)it’s harder to punch.

Yohan Beheregaray (7). His generosity largely compensates for his lack of power, in a match where he faces a hell of a Bourgarit client. Very accurate with his throws (except for one that was very high at the end of the game), he is an amazing fighter, we even saw him standing on Skelton outside the playing field, proof of his mental state. . Superseded by the 60th Adrien Pelissie (5.5).

premium ASM Clermont: admirable for courage and will, Gibbes’ men beat La Rochelle

Christian Ojovan (7.5). It is not clear if he knew he would have to last 80 minutes (following Kubriashvili’s injury), but the Moldovan was commendable for his investment. Not only does he provide maximum in the scrum, he is a relentless tackler. Although completely exhausted, he remained standing for the last quarter of an hour.

Thibaud Lanen (7). The young second line proved his good performance in Toulon with non-stop defensive activity. Despite his lack of power and kilos against the Rochelais bulldozers, he rarely falters and loses ground.

Paul Jedrasiak (7.5). What a game! An incredible commitment throughout his presence on the field. We saw him everywhere, in defense to put the seals that pushed Rochelais back, even in attack where he secured many relays to keep the game going. He was essential in the defense of many balls brought to sea. We’ll forgive him a mistake or two. Replaced by the 58th Killian Tixeront (6.5) which largely contributed to the building of the defense register.

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premium ASM – La Rochelle (22-13): the great score played by Jules Plisson for his first full game at Clermont

Arthur Ituria (8). The captain flew over the key sector by stealing four balls in the Rochelais throw and also making a good harvest when he was targeted with his hooker. The captain of the fight is also on the front line. He was also at the end of the line to score Clermont’s first try.

Fritz Lee (6). The Samoan international bowled a blistering first ball that set the tone. Disrupting the defense, he had to leave the field prematurely (28th), apparently hit in the ribs. Replaced by Cancoriet (7) who immediately stared

Lucas Dessaigne (7.5). The young third line is in the furnace and the grinder of the defense. He faced a vengeance for more than 80 minutes.

ASM Clermont – La Rochelle: give your notes

Sebastien Bézy (6.5). The former Toulouse player has raised his level with every outing. He always makes the right choices. He also developed some hard balls. He was also involved in the second test where he was able to temporarily wait for support and did not cut himself off from the support of his colleagues.

Jules Plisson (7.5). Before the game, he said he wanted to play a big game. He was in this particular meeting against his former club. His work kicking game is accurate and decisive in preventing ASM from over-pressuring. In animation, he also made a decisive pass to Simone in the second attempt at Clermont.

Facing the posts, he definitely missed two conversions, one of which touched the post, but he succeeded without fail by converting three penalties in the second period. Three capital successes that allowed Clermont to regain the advantage and then stop.

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Aliverati Raka (6). The winger has been less prominent than in recent ASM outings. But when he was used, Alivereti Raka dominated and monopolized many defenders.

Irae Simone (6.5). The Australian center scored his first try in an ASM jersey (32nd). But Irae Simone most distinguished himself defensively where he was in the oven and in the mill.

Julien Heriteau (5). The central three-quarter delivers a smart first half with the ball in hand. Defensively, he tries to fit in with his teammates. Hit in the ankle, he was replaced by this Anthony Belleau (6) who became clean in a rare full-back position.

Damian Penaud (6.5). The winger doesn’t have much to eat. But at the same time, he didn’t need much … In his first shots, he bypassed the La Rochelle defense to serve Arthur Iturria who scored the first try of the match (fourth).

Alex Newsome (6). Another clean game for the Australian who proved invaluable under the long balls. In the second period, he was dropped to the center without this change affecting his performance.

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