when Paul Pogba’s lawyer received threats from Mathias’ phone

Two weeks before the first video of Mathias Pogba was posted on social media, a long message was sent through his phone to Rafaela Pimenta, the lawyer of his brother Paul. Its author, Mathias or another individual, predicted the media plan that has since been implemented, while inviting to “find a solution” in a form of calling for help.

On August 27, Mathias Pogba published his first video on his social networks, promising big revelations about his younger brother Paul and his lawyer Rafaela Pimenta. But a few weeks before, the settlement of accounts broke behind the scenes.

As revealed on Friday by The Parisianseveral threatening messages were sent this summer from Mathias’ mobile phone. Not just Paul, but also to Rafaela Pimenta. A very long message from the lawyer of the world champion – which BFMTV consulted – dated August 14 is what made the investigators interested. In this text, Mathias Pogba, or someone using his smartphone, urgently asks Pimenta to intervene to solve a situation that is presented as alarming.

“Doing the ostrich never solves the problems, on the contrary when you take your head out of the hole the problems are still much bigger, is it written first. Also I understand the situation and I see what you do: you think about how to protect the image of my sister, vis-à-vis Juve, the French team and sponsors. ‘the most powerful woman in football’, in your title as a lawyer, the foundation of your career, to avoid getting wet and therefore avoiding radiation.

For Mathias Pogba (or the author of the message), in the context of this alleged extortion case, his mother was sent “as a scout despite the danger” by his brother Paul and his agent, who remained “withdrawn “. “And at your level, you want to be able to present yourself with white hands, you want to be able to tell the authorities that you don’t know anything, is it launched by Pimenta. So because it’s like that, tell I know what will happen by refusing to meet me and help me.”

A detailed and communicated plan

Mathias Pogba then detailed his plan, which followed through on his threats. “I will go to all the media possible, in possible countries. Of course I will explain how my brother is involved in the shadow business of criminals who take blood for him, launch the 32-year-old man Then how the betrayal of my brother. them and then left his loved ones to their fate until they were attacked and shot, my brother without even a finger. these years. I will talk about all these betrayals.”

However, Paul Pogba on his part would have clarified to the investigators that “he is not sure” that his brother Mathias is the real author of the messages. During his threats to Rafaela Pimenta, Mathias Pogba spoke about his younger brother’s “hypocritical” behavior with his teammates, including Kylian Mbappé. The name of the PSG striker will return in various videos, part of the story of a maraboutage, which Paul asked against his countryman, especially in a poster of the Champions League in 2019.

A “call for help”?

“But I will also talk to you, how close you are to my family and how you allowed everything to happen, continued Mathias Pogba in the role of Rafaela Pimenta. I will talk to you again about how I got my brother involved with criminals. , how I was assaulted, threatened that I had nothing to do with it, that I was involved only because of him. My brother completely left me, ready to die, this man pretending to be in love in front of the cameras. also explain how I call you for help, I will show them that you know everything, they will see the messages and the truth that you answered. vis the family of one of your clients. And worst, they will see how complicit my brother is.”

“You are there when there is money and commissions to take but there is nothing left when there are worries. So Rafa, this is a real call for help”, continued Mathias Pogba before predicting: “If this event can’t be dealt with properly, no one gets out unscathed”.

Mathias Pogba wants to meet Pimenta “to find a solution”

Mathias Pogba then asked to meet with Pimenta to find “a solution together before things get worse”. “But if you continue to be ostriches, know that when I die, my blood will be on your hands, my blood will be on your conscience”, continued the brother of the Juventus player. Before ending: “And if you do not care, at least know that it is difficult for you to avoid the scandal and the impact on your images and on your careers, because you cannot say that you do not know when when will it happen. it’s too late.”

This Friday, several videos were published on social networks of Mathias Pogba, shot before his imprisonment. Mathias Pogba spoke specifically about his brother’s attempt to maraboutage Kylian Mbappé, while claiming that a “relative” was shot and injured by “bandits” who were angry with Paul Pogba and his family. The attack on one of the suspects in this case would have happened on August 10 and was confirmed by a medical report.

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