Linky meter: this magic trick to know to reduce your consumption and your bill!

Linky meters belong to Enedis, the electricity giant. And if more, they spread in France, it seems that they are far from pleasing everyone. As evidence, the many cases filed by Enedis and there must be. In fact, some complain that their health is deteriorating, others refuse their poses or still worried about the power outage. But a device may allow you to no longer have this concern and lower your bill. We will explain everything here.

Linky meter, help for the future

For several years now, the government has wanted Linky meters to spread more and more in France. They are part of an energy transfer project for France. Indeed, it is can make France greener and better for the environment.

Thus, the government is encouraging as many households as possible to install these Linky meters. But that doesn’t seem to be what everyone wants. Many households refuse to allow Linky meters to access their homes. But what remains well the counters have a lot of interest for everyone. Either for the country, or even for the consumers.

The interests

Actually, Linky counters have a particularity. They were supposed to help the French manage their consumption. And indeed, it seems possible. Linky meter allows you to monitor your consumption in real time. All of them are equipped with a visual signal. In effect, a small light comes on to warn by flashing quickly if the household consumes more electricity than usual.

But it doesn’t stop there. With Linky counter, it is still possible to monitor in real time thanks to the internet for your real time consumption. This way you can see if you are consuming more or less. And so, it remains very simple to manage your consumption yourself. So you know which appliances consume the most and when to turn it on.

Therefore, Linky meters are of interest for energy transfer. With the arrival of winter, the French must show “energy sobriety”. It’s about conserving as much energy as possible so it doesn’t fall short this winter. There are many rumors about it. How did Enedis come to cut the power in case of shortage. But it remains denied.


Because of these rumors of power cuts, many people remain well against this idea of ​​Linky meters. It turns out that for the coming winter, and the situation in France, many French fearing that Enedis will cut off the electricity in some houses. Indeed, Enedis has heard these rumors and denied them. He remained encouraged that the French Of course, pay attention to their energy consumption.

For starters, it seems possible that if everyone heated their homes to 19 degrees, it would be tolerable a 15% reduction in consumption. Therefore, it seems possible that France does not need to resort to power outages. In fact, Enedis denied the rumors of cuts.

But Enedis also said that if the cuts happen, they won’t be the only ones to worry about people with Linky meters. In addition, if there are cuts, they will remain under control, no more than two hours per day. And it happens at strategic points, at predetermined timesthat’s why be as unobtrusive as possible.

Enedis denied!

But Enedis, although the group denies this information, continues to arouse the anger of some French people. Although Linky meters allow for greater simplicity and efficiency, that seems unconvincing. In fact, with these counters, it is possible to read remote power consumption, so there is no need to send a technician. And what’s more, it allows better accuracy when lifting.

Many cases

And when Enedis claims that the Linky meters also make it possible to emit smaller waves, that doesn’t seem to be true. Because if for the majority, the waves released by the meters Linky has no effect on their health, for others it is different. Some users of these counters have noticed that their health has deteriorated rapidly. In question therefore the green counters. And when others ask Linky to uninstall them, strong is not.

Therefore, Enedis appears to be sued by people who are sensitive to waves. And the case seems to have won the citizens and not the Enedis group. Therefore, the company as such the obligation to remove the Linky meter these houses are subject to the penalty of receiving a fine as a payment to the users. Therefore, the Linky counters seem to be inconsistent. But it is still going on today.

A message on the Linky meter

In fact, not long ago, people equipped with Linky meter had a bad surprise. It turns out they saw a funny message being shown to them. It can read “POWER EXCEEDS“where”exceeded the power“. Clearly, this message means that the household is consuming too much. In other words, more than the subscription amount. And when this message appears, Enedis cut the power without notifying users.

And this way of doing things seems to upset consumers who are not very happy with the Linky meter. Surprised by this message and these events, the victims contacted Enedis. And so they got an answer that said according to the Planet “Enedis encourages users to contact their operator to check their subscription when the metro is traveling due to peak consumption. Instead of adjusting the bill as other meters do, Linky regulates immediately by cutting“.

Therefore, the purpose of the maneuver then seems to encourage the French with a Linky meter to pay larger subscriptions. And yet, there seems to be a very simple way to overcome this anxiety. To not worry anymore excessive consumptionof course it is still possible to monitor the consumption or increase the subscription.

A simple trick for the linky counter

But these two tricks don’t always seem possible. In fact, paying a more expensive subscription seems to be what Enedis wants. But there are simpler ones for Linky counter users. Just plug it in a power server. So, Futura says it means “connecting the branch circuit breaker output, before the protection devices: differential switch, branch circuit breaker“.

The operation remains very simple. Just add this device and it will take care of cutting the secondary lines. Therefore, it deprives less useful tools in the meantime. In this wayno more overconsumption will occur. And everything is activated again when the situation returns to normal. Ultimately, it means “reduced subscription costs and therefore, to save money“. On the other hand, you should be careful in getting a device that remains compatible with Linky counters.

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