Inflation bonus: that’s why you still don’t get it!

Inflation has been rising for several months now. The purchasing power of the French suffered greatly. Due to the increase in the price of fuel and food, most households cannot continue. Fortunately, the state don’t stand idly by.

To help the citizens cope with this inflation, many aids have been upgraded. Not only that, the government also offers many bonuses. This includes the inflation premium. That being said, can everyone have it? What is the amount? And when will it be paid?

Different payment dates?

The inflation premium payment date is not the same for all beneficiaries. Depending on your situation, it is you will be paid next weekeo in the following months. Why such a difference?

The premium aims above all to support the purchasing power of the most modest households. If not, a few days ago, on September 15, many households have already received this bonus. Haven’t received your share yet? Don’t panic, in the coming weeks, the allowance will land in your wallet.

The conditions for giving the inflation bonus

As mentioned above, the inflation premium will be paid on different dates. In this case, we will first discuss the situations that give rise to the right to this assistance. Now, it should be noted that this help is reserved for some families in a dangerous situation. So, it takes a unique situation to get it.

First, the inflation premium is allocated to recipients of the social minimum :

  • Active Solidarity Income (RSA)
  • Disabled adult allowance (AAH)
  • The specific solidarity allowance (ASS)
  • Solidarity allowance for the elderly (ASPA)

It’s not just them; the inflation premium also addresses :

  • Beneficiaries of personalized housing assistance (APL)
  • To scholarship students.
  • To those who received the activity bonus

In general, this year, this grant affects thn average of 10.8 million French households. According to statistics, 8 million are beneficiaries for the social minimum and 2.8 million for the activity bonus.

The premium payment schedule

Here is the important dates to remember on the premium payment schedule depending on your situation:

  • September 27, 2022 if you are a beneficiary of the specific solidarity allowance or the monthly flat-rate premium
  • Mid-October for people over 65 receiving the solidarity allowance for the elderly
  • Mid-November for activity bonus beneficiaries

In short, if you meet the aforementioned conditions, on one of these dates, your inflation premium will be effectively paid. However, it is possibleadditional delay is added depending on your bank.

An envelope of more than 1 billion euros

on a statement sent to AFPBruno Le Maire points out that this inflation premium is:

“A guarantee of unity and social justice for families and for those strongly affected by inflation”

To prove to you that the State is doing everything possible to protect the social life of its people, this bonus is in the purchasing power law. In addition, its budget is determined by amending the financial law.

In general, this cost shows an amount between 1 and 1.1 billion euros, according to the Minister of the Economy. One billion euros for 10.8 million households. How much does this represent for each family?

The amount of the inflation bonus

For all households that meet the eligibility conditions, on the corresponding date, they will receive an initial amount of 100 euros. This is only the initial price, because 50 euros per dependent child is added to this amount.

Do these numbers remind you of the amazing back-to-school bonus? you are right they are exactly the same number and the same principle. However, there is an exception for those who receive the activity bonus.

On the Public Service website, it reads:

“People who receive the activity bonus are also eligible: the amount of their assistance will be €28, to which is added €14 per dependent child. This payment will take place in mid-November.

In any case, this is a new offer added to the 4% revaluation in activity bonus since July. The purpose of this bonus is to support the purchasing power of workers with modest resources.

Ways to get help

If you fill all conditions for obtainingit means that you are a beneficiary of one of the aforementioned allowances, what do you have to do to get the inflation bonus?

You can rest assured, as with most CAF allowances, this bonus is paid automatically. In other words, you don’t have to do anything. You just wait for the payment date.

If you are on the social minimum, the Family Allowance Fund automatically pay 100 euros on the appointed date. For job seekers, Pôle emploi is responsible for payment.

Inflation bonus: making a claim?

What to do if you did not receive the back-to-school bonus? you all conditions are met, the payment date has passed, but there is no amount? In this situation, the first thing to do is to check your eligibility.

If you qualify, you must file a claim with the responsible organization. To do this, you can contact them to let them know your situation. Better to do it by email or phone.

You should therefore contact a customer advisor:

  • For CAF, go to space “My account” app or call 3230;
  • For Pôle emploi, by connecting to their personal space or by dialing 3949;
  • For retirement insurance, log in to your private space or by calling 3960;
  • For CROUS, go to “help” from the Mes Services Étudiants website or contact your office.

Don’t forget either check bank details are in CAF, Pôle emploi, Pension Fund or CROUS if they are updated.

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