Toulouse. Users lost their tickets in the new app, Tisséo explained

Tisséo users complained about the untimely loss of their tickets in the new application. (©GL / News Toulouse)

It is a failure whose user of Tissue would have been good at full inflation, and after the increase in public transportation fares in the agglomeration… On the occasion of the deployment of the new version of its application, in April, Tissue ESTABLISHED the online ticket. An innovation of Toulouse. On paper, the principle is simple: this service allows you to buy tickets with your bank card, store them in your account in the Tisséo app, and validate your various journeys by presenting your phone at the terminal . Except that according to many testimonials, confirmed by many feedbacks from users of Play store from Google, the device is not yet fully developed. Some have that they lost their 10-trip tickets by the way… even if they haven’t expired yet! Why is the app missing these valid tickets? Do titles have a time limit? And how to proceed if there is a problem? Response elements.

“I paid 14.80 euros for the round trip”, confirms one user

Many Internet users have reported problems related to the purchase of titles online in the Tisséo application, and the use that follows. Among them, Wilfrid took a 10-ride ticket to take the bus and go to town: after making a round trip, this user allowed a few weeks to pass, “about three months”, he said, but wanted to take the metro to see Téfécé challenge PSG at the Stadium on August 31, “all gone”. The young man stumbled through the security gates and “found himself having to carry two one-way tickets to the terminal”, he said. And he had to wait 20 minutes in line in front of crowded ticket machines on this game night… Upon arrival, the observation was painful: 14.80 euros a round trip, the trip is expensive! Very busy, Wilfrid didn’t bother to contact Tisséo again to get paid… But due to lack of trust, he “will no longer use the app to buy” his titles.

A journalist fromToulouse news also tested the device, and it is the same topo. His 10-trip ticket was lost twice, even though he only made a few trips. Having left for a three-week vacation this summer, the app lost all remaining titles upon its return… Attempts to restart it did nothing. Problem. Especially since when you launch the application again, it definitely saves the identifiers, but the “Purchase history” tab remains empty.

In the Play Store, Tisséo is turned on by its users

In the Play Store, the app’s rating melted like snow in the sun: in the few weeks since the launch of the new version, it dropped to 1.9 out of 5 (with 4,250 reviews now). Not brilliant. Tisséo admitted that it was in his note fell alone, and acknowledged that it was “related to payment issues”. In Apple, where the function of purchasing the title “is not technically possible” according to Tisséo, the score is also (slightly) better: 2.7 out of 5. Result: in general, Android users are not sympathetic to Tisséo in their comments… Florilège.

” [L’application] made me lose money: the tickets no longer work”, criticizes Julián. “I had to reinstall the app and I lost the tickets I bought before.”

“Eat this app”, criticized married. “Can you give us back the easyticket?” At least it works.” This network user reports: “I buy 10 trips twice and lose my card after 3 trips. The title is no longer valid for full use! No title available even though I bought 10 yesterday, and that it works on the tram line. Then if you take the metro, nothing! Practice”.

“After an update, my monthly in-app purchase subscription is gone”, stacks up Paul-Edouard. “I contacted the customer service, after a week, they replied that I am not the only one and that it’s a constant problem”. According to him, using Tisséo is beneficial: “They asked me to uninstall and reinstall the application to recover it, it worked. after 5e test”. And at the end, the half is satisfied: “Since then, I have the app subscription again, but I can no longer validate it on the bus”.

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“Like many others, I have not been able to validate my tickets on buses, trams and metro, with the latest version. To go crazy”, also wrote Anthony. “I contacted the digital service who asked me to disconnect my account and identify myself again”. This time, it worked: “My 10-trip book is not lost”.

Tisséo has set up a “task force” to deal with customer feedback

According to Tisséo, it is “the disconnection of the application that causes the user to lose visibility of his titles”, but he usually finds them “on reconnection”. Usually. Because according to many testimonials, this trick doesn’t work every time. Aware of the problem, Tisséo tried to solve it: “We have set up a task force to correct most of the feedback”, lead Frank Lesens. The director of information systems and innovation at Tisséo relativizes the scale of the problems encountered:

“We have 350,000 daily active users of the Tisséo application, but only 1% of them express themselves. And often, as everywhere, they are the most dissatisfied … “.

Frank LesensDirector of Information Systems and Innovation at Tisséo

This new feature is very successful, according to Julien Bernadou, digital and information manager at Tisséo, who is developing “3,500 ticket validations per day by phone”. And according to the transport authority of the agglomeration, the two best-selling titles are not surprisingly “the 1 trip and 10 travel tickets”. So it is in the latter, used more often by the user over time, that the problems are concentrated. When he assured that the difficulties were few, the director explained that “as long as there is feedback, we will try to improve”.

“There is no available title” Tisséo told some of its users, even if they bought 10-trip tickets that are still valid… (©GL / News Toulouse)

Three functions in one in the Tisséo app

Last spring, Tisséo made a really big bang in its mobile environment, by eliminating some applications (Ticket Easy, Pass Easy) and integrating them into Tisséo, the most used, to allow the user better navigation.

“The new Tisséo app is the only transport network in France that offers three essential services for the user”, defends Franck Lesens. “So inevitably, the more functions there are in an application, the more complex it is to manage…” Especially because, as pointed out by Tisséo administrators, you always have to deal on the one hand with “huge technological differences between many. brands of phones”, and on the other hand “differences in the appreciation of the application” of the user, who “does not always know how to use” contactless payments as necessary.

“In the Tisséo app, we have three important functions: passenger information (with next passages updated in real time and route calculations, two very popular features that unfortunately not rated by users), the recharging of Pastel cards by users, a function that is also widely used, and finally the purchase of tickets online, or e-Pastel card, with particular which are 10-trip tickets”.

Frank Lesens

What to do in case of trouble?

But what if you lose all or part of your 10 application trips? Tisséo invites concerned users to “connect and disconnect, which means the loss of one-way tickets”, but should (theoretically) “allow you to find your 10-trip ticket”. Because the organization assures it: the titles purchased through the application are not “no time limit”.

If this does not solve the problem, Tisséo advises to “check system settings his phone”, and thus “to make sure that all the tabs allow NFC payment will be activated.” As a third way, Tisséo calls to ask its specialists “through the stores, where the digital team will respond”.

In any case, Tisséo also invites you to “check that out the app is the latestwith the latest version available” on the Play Store.

Finally, the user can too contact customer service, by contact Hello Tisseo on 05 61 41 70 70 (from 6 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday, and from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm on Saturday), or by completing the online complaint form. According to Tisséo, “after the investigation, if the loss of the titles is confirmed, the user is recredited”. If, on the other hand, there is no trace of the titles in question in Tisséo’s computer systems, it is over…

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