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2:00 pm, September 23, 2022, amended at 3:08 pm, September 23, 2022

Here is the tribune of the football world cup in Qatar at the initiative of the deputy La France insoumise Alexis Corbière and signed by 16 deputies from his parliamentary group: “In 2010, against a background of alleged corruption, FIFA chose Qatar to host the 2022 Men’s Football World Cup.

Tens of thousands of migrant workers work on these huge construction sites, without even FIFA requiring and conditioning basic respect for international labor law. In February 2021, the English newspaper The Guardian estimated that more than 6,500 immigrant workers had died, sometimes directly on World Cup construction sites or because of the terrible working conditions they endured and which led to many diseases. . Many NGOs have repeatedly warned of the conditions in which these workers work: forced labor, sometimes more than twelve hours in a row in extreme heat, withheld wages, confiscation of passports, accommodation in dilapidated and dirty housing, prohibition to leave the territory, wages according to nationality,…

Despite some steps taken in 2017 by the government of Qatar, after many protests, especially from the ILO, to better “protect” migrant workers, in fact, not much has changed and their working conditions remain unworthy.

This World Cup will be an ecological aberration!

In Qatar, demonstrations remain banned, as do trade unions. Sex outside of marriage is also forbidden. The rights of LGBTQ+ people are violated: homosexuality is punishable by law. A study published in May 2022 confirmed that 3 out of 69 hotels on the official list of establishments recommended by FIFA refuse entry to same-sex couples, while 20 others say “they will welcome the same-sex couple, as long as they do not accept. publicly display their homosexuality. “. Gender equality doesn’t exist either! Women still have male guardianship and no authority over their children, not recognized as their guardians. They also cannot travel without someone’s permission or enter bars.

How does FIFA support, at least through silence, all this? How can the French authorities and the FFF be silent? It is unbearable that this world football championship, whose values ​​are shown to the public with the support of publicity campaigns, such as respect, commitment and tolerance, is organized in a country where it is not used and where women and men risk prison just for wanting to live free.

While Macron and his government are calling on the French to save energy by taking “small daily actions”, these same leaders are willing to travel thousands of kilometers to attend football matches which takes place in air-conditioned stadiums – for some built in the middle. in the desert – in the open, all in a country where the temperature reaches 45°! How can we accept the passage that the Minister for Ecological Transition dared to confirm that the decision taken in 2010 to organize the World Cup was made in “another climatic context”? No, the climate context is no different twelve years ago, scientists have been warning us about global warming for decades. Yes, this World Cup will be an ecological aberration!

If the players of the French team decide to refuse to participate, we will approve them

So it is necessary to break the clean and tidy window behind which the Qatari government is communicating.

So what to do? If the players of the French team decide to refuse to participate, we will approve them.

For this, we think that a meeting between the Blues and Amnesty International is necessary and useful, so that they know the political and social reality of the monarchical State. Other European teams have done it, the French team should do the same.

We will support all the clear positions taken by the sports movement and the players themselves who will voice their anger. Last night, for the France-Austria match, the captain of the tricolor selection wore, as part of the OneLove campaign, a black armband to denounce all discrimination. Of course we welcome this first step, although we consider it too consensual and that it is not enough to criticize the atrocities represented by this Cup. They are the first to be affected when they enter a stadium dug out of the ground by workers who have worked themselves to death. Also, our players, if they decide to go in spite of everything, can condition their participation on the minimum compensation of all workers mistreated, up to 440 million euros by FIFA, as estimated by the NGO.

So we joined and encouraged the great protest movement that emerged in the country. It shows that you can love football and hate the organization of this abominable cup. The founding member of the main association of Blues supporters, Irrésistibles Français, condemned the organization of this World Cup in Qatar and decided, in a personal capacity, to boycott this World Cup and not to watch it. We congratulate him and other voices need to be heard. In other words, our countrymen are not fools. A recent poll estimated that 48% of the French do not intend to watch this World Cup.

We request a diplomatic boycott and ask the French government for the immediate cancellation of the humanitarian and material aid that France must bring to Qatar to ensure competition in the area.

We demand a political boycott of this World Cup

We call on the French government and the President of the Republic to seize the UN Human Rights Committee to investigate the real situation in Qatar, which is freed from all communications operations by the Qatari authorities.

Finally, we demand a political boycott of this World Cup. The French government and the President of the Republic must not participate in the official ceremonies and games of this competition.

The movement and parliamentarians La France insoumise launched a petition today to collect the signatures of all those concerned about human rights, the environment and the conditions for organizing this World Cup in Qatar. We therefore invite everyone who wants to make their voices heard to sign the online petition at the following address:

Let’s make ourselves heard… not in this dirty cup! »

List of signatories:

  1. Alexis Corbière, deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis, on the initiative of the tribune
  2. Nadège Abomangoli, Member of Parliament for Seine-Saint-Denis
  3. Gabriel Amard, Member of the Rhône
  4. Christophe Bex, MP for Haute-Garonne
  5. Louis Boyard, MP for Val-de-Marne
  6. Aymeric Caron, MP for Paris
  7. Sylvain Carrière, MP for Hérault
  8. Sophia Chikirou, MP for Paris
  9. Elise Leboucher, MP for Sarthe
  10. Carlos Martens Bilongo, MP for Val-d’Oise
  11. Frédéric Mathieu, MP for Ille-et-Vilaine
  12. Marina Mesure, Member of the European Parliament
  13. Nathalie Oziol, MP for Hérault
  14. François Piquemal, MP for Haute-Garonne
  15. Aurélien Saintoul, Deputy of Hauts-de-Seine
  16. Ersilia Soudais, Member of Parliament for Seine et Marne
  17. Leo Walter, MP for Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

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