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By receiving the reigning European champion and leader of the Top 14, Jono Gibbes and his men are preparing to fight a very difficult battle, Sunday on the Michelin lawn at the end of this fourth day of the Top 14. Knowing that they have to do their best rugby to jump in the Maritimes for the first time this season, it is with great seriousness and application that they are preparing for this match.

Like all observers, Jono Gibbes says his team is improving with each of its outings and knows it needs to maintain this dynamic to include Rochelais. “In Paris, we did almost nothing, against Pau: sometimes we put our opponents in difficulty and against Toulon: in the end we held the ball enough to set up our game. We were in one interesting dynamic, but we need to continue this growth” … and correct the errors pointing to the game against Toulon. “Started with no disciplinecontinued the Auvergne coach before giving numbers that speak for themselves. “We were penalized 11 times in the first period, received two yellow cards and became a double inferiority conceding 3 attempts: too many! » There was no question of going back to arbitration, Jono reviewed the game “There are mistakes! We need to be smarter and clearer about the choices we make and our actions on earth. » “We had a 15-minute fall for which we paid a high price”many Lucas Dessaigne is the author of a full game of Var. “We had a good reaction and in general a game where, for the first time this year, we were able to put the game that we have been working on since this summer. For confidence, it is a little bit better but if there is a victory more good.” A victory that Clermont’s third line will be looking to find again this week. “We know that we have a difficult game, La Rochelle will come with their European champion title, they got 13 points from a possible 15… »

“It’s a real clash of styles between Clermont and La Rochelle! »


For Jono Gibbes it was a real difference in style coming to Michelin. “La Rochelle is a defensive team. They build their matches by putting a lot of pressure on their opponents with a possession and a very good organization. The statistics confirm the words of Clermont’s tactics because the Maritimes are at the top of the defense classification, did not receive any points in the first 20 minutes and are also one of the most disciplined in the Top 14 (almost more than 8 penalties per game. )… “It is a stylistic opposition because our DNA, on the contrary, goes back to the attack with the desire to create and use the ball to shake the opposing defenses…” A very big visual challenge for the Auvergnats who are already salivating at the idea of ​​rubbing shoulders with what is best done today, as suggested by Jules Plisson. “They are undefeated this season, and have lived for a few years among the big teams in this championship. They come full of confidence, it will be a very strong game, at 9 pm on Sunday night…. In fact, these are the kind of matches that all players want! » To master it, the Clermontoi want to apply themselves “to be better at simple things, not to expose ourselves to places in the field where the Rochelais can punish us” determined the Clermont opener. He will not say more about the strategy developed to prevent the attacks from La Rochelle who also have to fight in public with a Michelin that the staff expects to be loud and enthusiastic. “We need our Yellow Army”recognition of Jono. “The public is able to send a good energy to the players in this type of match and even if the stands are not completely full, what is important is the enthusiasm that comes from this stadium” “The atmosphere is also our responsibility added Lucas Dessaigne. “It is up to us to set the pace, to be efficient and enthusiastic to encourage the supporters to join us on the pitch. There is nothing better than when the Michelin vibrates. We really feel it! »For that it is necessary to get the best of the only undefeated team in our championship, a sacred challenge and a great challenge that the Auvergnats on the ground and in the stands are eager to tackle.

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