a unique service, far from the toxicity of social networks

Discord communicates strongly in France to gain recognition. A service that is still independent and far from the more harmful social networks.

Like most tech services, Discord has benefited greatly from the Covid years. When the world could not get out, the service became a meeting place for many friends. An ideal companion when tending to their island in Animal Crossing, learning to bake bread, or hosting parties in Among Us.

Discord is also a very popular service. A social network that doesn’t really have one, and above all a kind of ode to the web of the 90s that finds all its meaning in 2022.

Be a meeting place for your passions

We caught up with Jesse Wofford, Director of Product Marketing, to launch Discord’s first communications campaign outside of the United States. It happens in France, and therefore we can find ads for Discord in the metro in big cities, on television or in pre-roll of online services.

That’s for context, but it’s not really the marketing campaign of an online service that interests us here. This is rather the very identity of Discord at a time when we were just talking about tech giants. The service is still operated by an independent and privately owned company, which is not listed on the stock exchange.

What makes Discord interesting is the ability of communities to quickly unite around a common topic: a video game, a project, a streamer or a hobby. Everyone can create their own little cocoon and invite their friends there. With the recently launched AutoMod, Discord even offers tools to define its own operating rules. So we are far from the problems of harassment that are common in social networks that are open to the public like Twitter or Facebook.

Discord Automod

Discord also plays on two different scales. On the one hand, the small servers with less than 15 members. They comprise 90% of the Discord servers online. We think it’s a server that allows some colleagues to help each other with homework, or a group of friends to organize parties.

On the other hand, there are the largest servers, those with the most chat channels. They represent a small part of the servers, less than 1% of the public, but potentially many users. They have a proper innovation for a few days: the forums.

Like the air of nostalgia

So Discord combines two privileged forums of the 90s: online chats like IRC and the good old forums. Something that has somewhat disappeared in the era of social networks, such as “personal” sites dedicated to specific games or entertainment (some may remember the sites hosted by Free, Wanadoo or Lycos).

Discord forums

With forum rooms, Discord revives a tool adapted to a need that has not yet completely disappeared. For communities, it is an additional tool of interaction, for discussions that may be longer or often come up, but do not need. dizziness or dedicated channel.

In recent months, Discord has increased this type of functions that allow administrators to create a server in their image. Now, they have text, voice, video calls with screen sharing, conferences, forums, threads, and more.

And France?

Apart from the marketing campaign for France, Discord should also invest in the coming weeks in local events. Of course, the brand mentioned the Paris Game Week that will be held in November.

There is also talk of pushing universities to adopt the service to provide online commons for students.

When we know that 67% of Discord servers in France are not servers dedicated to video games, which fits perfectly with the service’s expansion strategy, we know all the brand’s interest for country. Don’t hesitate to join the Fandroid server.

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