Rowing Bayonnais is a trend in Machenaud

Maxime Machenaud has yet to tame the highlighted group, and for good reason. He’s been on the sidelines since summer prep and tore his right calf. “This is doubly frustrating,” he breathed. There is the injury, and arrival at a new club but on the sidelines. The relationships, you do them in the field, in training… Me, I’m closer to physical preparation and physiotherapists, that’s not good. In the end, not happy… I joined them. A burst of laughter showed relief. The use of the past tense emphasizes the end of this parenthesis and the true beginning of the adventure. The man from Bordeaux will replace Guillaume Rouet this Saturday in the Rowing group.

“I knock her for the way she dresses and the many photos of her body posted on Instagram. Maybe there is a little jealousy on my part.”

It’s a “little wink” for a “good story”. What connected Maxime Machenaud to UBB, his training club. He played his last game for Racing against Bordeaux. He will play his first with Bayonne against Bordeaux. “There are always little things that connect me to this club apart from me. »

Comfort zone

Ten years in the Career and suddenly, a desire for change. Neither “routine”, nor “tiredness”, simple feeling “at the end of something”. Nolann Le Garrec took a bit of importance in his post, “which is perfectly logical”. Machenaud felt the need to “get out of his comfort zone”. “If I think, it is not very clear and clear, because I have to change. »

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Aviron Bayonnais (Top 14): Lopez, meeting in a familiar place

Returning this summer to the Basque Country, the Mauléonnais opener (33 years old, 28 selections) will discover the enthusiasm of Jean-Dauger, this Saturday against Karera (5 pm). His recruitment did not go unnoticed, in the transfer market as in the Bayonne locker room

The choice was made quickly, last fall, in consultation with his wife Sophie, and their three children, Gaspard (8 years old), Augustin (soon to be 6 years old) and Sacha (2 years old). Direction Bidart for family life, and Jean-Dauger in three seasons. So in Lyon, Pierre Mignoni tried it. Philippe Tayeb has the last word. The player does not, however, have the certainty of competing in the Top 14. “I feel that this challenge that I need, this region, this enthusiasm, as the number 9, also passed in Agen (2010 -2012). No I have yet to know a club with such a great passion. In ten years of Career, I have experienced many things, with supporters who are there but not as many here. This is not a rugby region. Want I will look for it. This is the first measure of the athlete. Afterwards, we were told that the benefit of this region, and I can confirm it. »


What is the thesis accreditation at the end of the golden career of the day, for some rumors. It’s not true, it always rains in the Basque Country. Above all, the French international does not see things from this angle. “I don’t need to prove to anyone but myself. I am always looking for improvement. I will retire when I stop playing rugby. These are all daily behaviors, in training, investing, that show you want to be efficient. This happens in the game too. Most people see that. »

After UBB, Agen and Karera, Machenaud found his fourth professional club.

After UBB, Agen and Karera, Machenaud found his fourth professional club.

Emilie Drouinaud

His coaches have noticed the workaholic. “Max is a presence, an example, appreciated Gerard Fraser, the three-quarter coach. He is very serious, demanding of himself, and there is no doubt about others on the field. “Answer this Saturday. Manager Grégory Patat is not can wait. “Max has experience dealing with endgames. He is one of the Top 14 top scorers. He will strongly defend that person. He is a complete player and he wants to perform with Aviron. He, like Camille (Lopez), experienced at a very high level, the French team. They bring us experience. “66 years and 66 chosen from them. If the age is distributed equally, Machenaud takes advantage of the number of capes (38).

“If in my head, it’s not so clear and clear, because I have to change”

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