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Before diving into the trends and novelties for this 2022 – 2023 season, a few words and information on the Le Bourget Leisure Vehicles Show.

Recreational Vehicle Show Dates and Times

It will take place from Saturday September 24 to Sunday October 2 from 10 am to 7 pm at the Bourget exhibition center.

Access to the lounge

Access to the Leisure Vehicles Show is possible by car via the A3 and A5 motorways but also by public transport (RER B stop Le Bourget). You also have the possibility to come with your motorhome and spend the night there for the price of 6 € per night. A price to be added to the entry price. For motorists, the parking price is 10 €.


It is still possible to buy your ticket for the show. On the Internet, the price is 7 € per person. It can be as low as €5 through special operations. On the site, the price for adults (over 14 years of age) is € 13, € 7 for 10-14 years of age and students (on presentation of proof). Admission is free for children under 10 and people with disabilities

Ford took the colors!

Dreamer D51 Entertainment in Ford carrierCredit Photo – Autonews

Having long relied on the mono, or almost, of the Fiat Ducato, the manufacturers have partly changed their copy. They no longer put their eggs in the same basket in order to continue to produce more. Many turned to Ford and to a lesser extent Peugeot.

So an avalanche of new 2023 Ford Transit 2 T models: let’s talk about the low-profile Bürstner Lineo C 550 and C590, the Campérêve Miramar 61 and Dreamer D 51 vans. This is also the case of Dethleffs, with three new low- profiles “Just Go”, in Challenger, Pilote, Sunlight or Rimor, inaugurating the new range of Kilig cars (five low-profile and six overcab models) of the same carrier.

Atlas, Ford’s new pilot range

Illustration photo

Photo Credit – Screenshot on YouTube

For its part, Pilote is launching in 2023, for its 60th anniversary, a new Atlas range intended for adventurers. The first model presented at Le Bourget is a van on the Ford Trail chassis: a vehicle designed for sports enthusiasts, 6 meters long and 2.65 m long. Designed for difficult terrain, it benefits from a limited slip differential that reduces tire wear on loose surfaces and rough roads. As a reminder, between Pilote and Ford, the links are old. At the end of the 1970s, the first overcab models signed Pilote were already “mounted” on the Ford Transit.

Peugeot Boxer “wakes up”

Illustration photo

Campereve Magellan 540 AirCredit Photo – Autonews

The Peugeot Boxer 2.2 l BLUHDI 140 hp also takes the colors. It is very present in the 2023 catalogs of Campérêve with four Magellan models (540, 540 Air, 643 and 746) or of Dreamer with three models (D43 UP, D 55 and D 55 UP). Mercedes will not be defeated: the Slovenian brand Adria is launching a range of premium Sprinter integrals in 2023. The Supersonic 780 DC of the Mercedes AL-KO (7.80 m long) with 170 hp is a good example: it ” billed” €139,900 and has a GVW of 4500 kg.

The trend is for pop-up roof vans

Illustration photo

The Dreamer D 43 UP fitted vanPhoto Credit – Dreaming

This is a real trend. There are countless vans equipped, as standard or not, with a pop-up roof. This equipment, by providing two additional beds, has the ability to transform a compact van into a “family” model. And that is delightful! Many brands do this: Adria, Bénimar, Bürstner, Carado, Chausson, Challenger, Font-Vendôme and Hymer to name a few. Peugeot Boxer’s new Campérêve Magellan 540 Air (5.41m, €63,200) attracted attention at the show. Similar success for both Dreamer D 43 UP (5.41m, €59,800) and D55 Up (5.99m, €62,800) also presented by Peugeot Boxer.

Reduced width profiles!

Illustration photo

Rapido C50Credit Photo – Autonews

While vans and vans account for more than 50% of new vehicle sales, streamlined models are still popular. We are also innovating in this category of vehicles.

The Bürstner Lyseo TD Gallery is a good illustration of this. This profile is actually equipped, above the cabin, with an amazing inflatable chamber thanks to an electro-pneumatic system. Prototype a year ago, this profile is now in the 2023 catalog with two 6.99 m long models.

Apart from this particular car, it is worth noting the arrival of profiles whose width is reduced. This is the case, for example, with the Challenger Sport Edition (2.10 m wide), the Etrusco V6.6 SF which is only 2.14 m wide or the Rapido C50 (2.17 m) against 2 .30/2.35 m for a classic that profile.

Aim, circulate or park more quickly for maximum enjoyment.

to summarize

What are the major trends and innovations in the motorhome world as the 56th edition of the Leisure Vehicles Show in Le Bourget takes place at the end of September – and until October 2nd. Our motorhome specialist analyzes the situation for you.

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