With her TV show, Alexandra Lamy fights against violence against women

At the end of a public screening of AFFECTED, a man approached Alexandra Lamy: “I have something to tell you that is very difficult. Sometimes I am a bit harsh with my wife. He was startled: “What do you mean, a bit harsh? “It happened that I forced him. To slap him. Watching this film made me angry. I didn’t realize, actually, that it was violent. »

Alexandra Lamy remembers watching this spectator turn and walk away, visibly upset. “I don’t say that I will change the aggressors, but my film can open up reflections, he said. In the patriarchal system, we are educated with sentences like: “If your wife talks too much, you can stick it, ha, it’s not important anymore.” Today, people realize that this is wrong, that a physical movement has terrible effects. »

AFFECTED, broadcast this Thursday, from 9:10 pm, on TF1, follows the journeys of three women victims of sexual and gender-based violence, consisting of Mélanie Doutey, Claudia Tagbo and Chloé Jouannet. They met during group therapy around fencing practice.

“In the first realization, we put all our guts”

The TV show, crowned on Sunday at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival, is adapted from the comic of the same title, signed by Quentin Zuitton. Alexandra Lamy says she was “overwhelmed” by this reading. When producer Philippe Boëffard offered her the project, he wanted to know what role he had in mind for her. He replied that he really thought to make it happen. “I have a little shock”, admits the one who was discovered by the public twenty years ago as Chouchou in Male and female. However, attracted for many years by the idea of ​​going behind the camera, he did not hesitate for a long time: “I told myself that this is the right subject, because, usually, in the first Realization, we put all his guts. »

Alexandra Lamy appreciates her feminist commitment. Support from La Maison des femmes, she is active in helping victims of violence. “During the first imprisonment, I worked closely with the gendarmerie to transmit, through local shops, messages to women suffering from domestic violence”, he explained.

“If we make a fiction about this subject, we have a responsibility”

An involvement similar to that of Andréa Bescond, whose In madness, a TV show about the couple’s influence, recently aired on M6. “We know each other, we often see each other in demonstrations, we work in associations. I became very close to him two years ago, Alexandra Lamy specified. He was my first choice for the therapist role. I know he will find the right words for this character, bringing authenticity. If you create a fiction about this subject, you have a responsibility. I don’t want to miss the mark or be blamed for even a small sentence. »

Alexandra Lamy, surrounded by Anne Marivin and Nadège Beausson-Diagne, in a demonstration against violence against women, November 23, 2019, in Paris. – Alain JOCARD / AFP

The director hopes, “without any pretense”, to make things happen. Within a few months, he appeared AFFECTED in high schools or in the area of ​​various associations. He is also planning to travel around France in a minibus to “do youth control”. “This film is an educational support. There are associations that tell us: “We have victims who have been able to express things when we have been working with them for months and they do not speak. There, suddenly, saw AFFECTEDthey say: “I am like Tamara, I am afraid of myself.” It is easier to say that we see ourselves in such and such an attitude than to say how we live.

“Reconstruction is possible”

Some Q&A sessions after public screenings can easily last an hour. “The girls thank us, say it gives them hope, although I don’t like that word,” said Alexandra Lamy. Now, the speech is released, it is good, but can we rebuild ourselves? I want to show that yes, it is possible. If one day you push through a door, there will be people to help you, to go with you. »

He also noted that, systematically, at public meetings, “the first people to speak were men. He admitted that he was afraid that they would think it was a “girl’s movie.” He saw that their reaction.

“I’m not saying that all men are bastards, I’m not suing them, so I think it’s also good, he analyzed. The topic speaks personally to some because there are victims of touching and violence between men. Others were touched by the brotherhood or the rebuilding process. Some tell us they don’t realize what abuse feels like and it takes time to recover. I’m not saying it’s an amazing film, but the discussions they provoke are high. It’s your turn to be affected and talk about it.

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