This brand adored by the French is closing due to competition…

The number one in French destocking The French were surprised by this decision. Noz has announced the permanent closure of several of its subsidiary stores. The clearance store has almost 325 points of sale in France. The company, which makes a turnover of 550 million eurosseems to be dealing with issues related to competition.

The group spoke

Noz explained on his Facebook page. The brand then clarified that the economic context of the last 2 years has caused supply difficulties. The group went on to explain that less buying opportunities.

A problem that prevents them from properly supplying 325 stores. This is the reason for the closure of the 24 worst supermarkets in Noz. LSA magazine says the brand’s new store closures the subject of regional press titles.

In the west, there are stores in Lorient, Le Mans and Saint-Brieuc. Woippy and Forbach stores in Grand Est, stores in the north of the country including in Courrières. This is a at the oldest selling points of Empire Noz which has existed for 22 years.

A shop in Forbach on the Moselle which closed its doors in September 2020. The latter reopened in January 2022, but is now closed again.

Competitors gain ground

Can the closure of its stores be linked the two competitors of the destocking giant ? Other destocking store brands are thriving in France.

For example the Dutch Action group was able to install nearly 700 stores in 10 years. The British giant B&M, which bought the Babou brand, is now in 110 cities.

These are called new ones follow in the footsteps of the French brand created since 1976. These other brands have almost the same concept of their product as Empire Noz.

They mainly offer destocking products, unsold promotions or end-of-series products. they offers a variety of equipmentmake-up, groceries and also decorative products.

Competition is fierce and brands are competing to offer the best in class to their customers. A few years ago, the destocking market there are only a few brands.

The arrival of foreign brands foreshadows the historical Noz. A consumer specialist noted the lack of product to offer in stores. It was later explained that those that remained open were not properly powered.

In Sains-en-Gohelle, for example, the Lens shop settled two years ago. The supermarket has already seen the opening of an Action store, a few kilometers from its location. The fifth establishment of the Action group in the Lensoise region.

Employees feel that it is coming…

According to some observations, the activity of the brand continues to decline. The flagship store in Pas-de-Calais that leads the Noz group lost 24% of its turnover. In 2016, the supermarket sold more than 1.5 million products.

He passed away six years ago sold only 1.17 million products. However, the market for destocking brands is in full swing. In 2021, it represents almost 12 billion euros in France.

The consequences are felt by supermarket employees. In early September, the staff explained that they only knew two or three days before closing. One said they had no delivery for days.

“We pay for the accumulation of bad years”, added the employees.

Is it abouta global crisis or an adjustment in the face of supply problems? The band has not commented on this. At the end of August 2022, the leader of the destocking is still in the program “Capital” on the sixth channel.

The program highlights the success of the supermarket by talking about the excellent training of Noz buyers. The program speaks rewards that the brand offers to its customers. This is one of the pillar techniques of the Noz empire to maintain a good relationship with its customers.

Source: Pexels

The bonuses and games organized by the destocking supermarket inside are also discussed in front of the M6 ​​cameras. According to the report, he it would be difficult to think that Noz there may be problems.

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