The next ‘James Bond’ is adapting to the death of Elizabeth II

Universal Pictures International France

Universal Pictures International France

Daniel Craig, here in “Dying Can Wait”.

CINEMA – Although his face is still a mystery, we already know that the next James Bond will serve “King and Country”as its producers explained on Wednesday, September 21, who have not yet started discussions with Amazon about the future of agent 007.

“We are just beginning our relationship with Amazonwho bought the franchise rights from the MGM studio, told AFP Barbara Broccoli, the historical producer of the spy adventures with the legendary phlegm. We haven’t even started talking about the next movie. »

Barbara Broccoli and her half-brother, Michael Wilson, were honored this Wednesday for their contribution to Hollywood, during a ceremony where they left their footprints on the pavement in front of the famous Chinese Theater. The opportunity for them to continue the mystery about the future of James Bond: ever Dying can wait in 2021, the last work of Daniel Craig, which shook the character so much, there is a lot of speculation about his replacement.

“We will not rest on our laurels and continue with the same formulaassured Barbara Broccoli, heir to her father Albert’s franchise “Cubby Broccoli, the producer who started adapting Ian Fleming’s novels for the screen. That was 60 years ago.

Replace Daniel Craig

The choice of Daniel Craig, to embody a blonde 007 and more brutal than his predecessors, initially caused controversy, but the five films made during his mission set box office records : the opus Falling from Heaven in particular generated more than a billion dollars in 2012.

To replace it, everything seems possible. Could James Bond be embodied by the franchise’s first black actor, as some fans want? Or could a woman wear his costume, as Barbara Broccoli has already suggested?

The producer keeps the suspense going. “There are certain elements that cannot be changed [dans cette saga d’espionnage]he pointed out. The main character of James Bond is the most important element of the films and we believe that he is incorruptible, serving the Queen, and now King and country. »

The character “There’s nothing to gain from a personal point of view. He’s in it because he’s trying to make the world saferhe added. I think that’s something we can’t change. » His father, Albert “Cubby” Broccoli always pushes the producer “to take risks so that the Bond changes over time”. As heirs, “We like to try things, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it keeps us fresh”.

A reality show around 007

Eon, the Broccoli family company, has been able to maintain significant control over the adventures of the secret agent, starring in 25 films to date. Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson have been at the helm of 007’s cinematic destiny ever since Golden Eyereleased in 1995, a year before their father’s death.

Historically, Eon shared franchise profits with studio MGM, signing a complex deal with the right to finance and distribute films, but MGM was bought by Amazon in March for 8.5 billion dollars. . And about James Bondit is no longer the legendary studio that is in control, but the tech giant, which has launched its own streaming platform.

Amazon Prime Video has announced plans to produce a reality TV show themed around Her Majesty’s Most Faithful Servant, titled. 007’s Road to a Million. “The public has certain expectations, but they also want to be surprised. So this is absolutely part of our effort.”estimated for his part Michael Wilson, hoping that Bond will adapt to the challenges of today’s world.

“What are the concerns of the world in two or three years? How can we stay updated?he was surprised. We cannot offer the same item over and over again. »

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