Power cuts this winter: France has set up an interactive map to see your consumption in the region

News hardware Power cuts this winter: France has set up an interactive map to see your consumption in the region

The Government has recently launched an interactive map that lists the areas of power tension to know when to reduce energy consumption. France is bracing for power shortages this winter.

To avoid energy shortages, France relies on the goodwill of the French people

The website

aims to empower people in an area of ​​high energy stress. This place is purely educational and does not require anything. On the other hand, it gives good advice and makes imagination possible total consumption in his region, hourly.

To continue, it is possible sign up for cut-off watch alert. To do this, just fill out the form with your phone number, your email address and your postal code.

By subscribing to the cut vigilance alert, you will be warned when there is a risk of being cut. You will learn which eco-gestures are most effective and when to use them. By participating in this civic initiative, you are helping to ensure electricity supply to all. Every move is important, join the movement

This process does not guarantee you anything nor reward us. No energy bills are at stake when you save money. The Government seems not for the opportunity to shake the carrot to encourage the consumption of less. This is a method that depends entirely on the goodwill of the French.

An intuitive and practical site

Beyond the cut-off alert, the web page provides some information to help you consume less and more responsibly. We see for example the times of intense bliss, which are often unknown. In the morning it is from 8 am to 1 pm and in the evening from 6 pm to 8 pm. By moving, if possible, the devices that consume a lot to a slower time, this will greatly help to reduce the stress on the network.

We talked a few days ago about
this Nobel Prize
which gives advice on how to cook pasta without consuming too much energy. This is one of the popular eco-gestures, although the government recommends moderate use of cooking utensils. The best advice here is to cook larger quantities to be consumed in a shorter period of time and thus need to be reheated the next day. As with all eco-gestures, it’s obviously not for everyone.

One of the simple moves, for those who haven’t done it yet, is reduce the temperature of his heaters by a degree or two. It makes a big difference and you should cover more. The ideal obviously remains to have a well-insulated shelter to prevent heat loss. This is one of the points where many associations are fighting to end energy sieves.

Avoid power outages at all costs

On the site you can read what the Government plans to anticipate the cuts. At first we imported electricity from other European countries. If that’s not enough, other industries will see their voltage drop. The promise of the RTE (Manager of the Electricity Transport Network) is a saving of 8 GW, or the consumption of 7 to 8 million French people.

To encourage the French to use eco-gestures, we read:

If all the French adopted simple eco-gestures at home and at work, consumption could be reduced by 3,000 MW. This is equivalent to the consumption of Lyon, Marseille and Nice combined.

Power cuts as we suspected have not happened to save energy. It really is the end. This is why RTE wants to avoid load shedding at all costs (reducing consumption by local cuts).

On the load shedding details page, we know how to do it:

  • Fireplaces cannot be turned off for more than 2 hours.
  • These cuts occur during peak hours, so in the morning and in the evening.
  • The hotbeds will be cut sequentially, so there is no repeated cutting usually
  • Sensitive or important buildings will not suffer cuts

Finally, this site exists to guide the French, it is clearly not the solution. Above all, it makes it possible to inform people to consume less.

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