LFP: a project with a new name, the importance of Europe, an image to restore … Labrune’s plan for L1

Presented at the Demain le Sport festival on Thursday, the president of the Professional Football League Vincent Labrune presented his project for the development of Ligue 1. Ambitious, the French leader especially sent a message to European clubs.

Vincent Labrune presents his ideas for Ligue 1.

The president of the Professional Football League Vincent Labrune does not lack ambition for the development of Ligue 1. With the supposed desire to return on the podium The European championships, the French manager wants to change his product at all levels.

And to generate income, the former boss of Olympique de Marseille wanted, initially, to develop L1 in relation to television rights.

A project with a name change?

Hardly recovered from the Mediapro fiasco and rather satisfied with the collaboration with Amazon, French football relies on the emergence of GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) to advance financially in the next call for tenders in the fall. 2023. However, faced with this challenge, Labrune planned a real shift in the treatment of L1. Without neglecting our historical fan base, we must overcome new categories of fans, consumers and partners as well. We need to promote a different show, which does not only talk about football but should go to a crossbreeding between sport and entertainment. As modern and innovative in its treatment. (…) We need to orchestrate a broader and more engaging narrative that is no longer limited to matches. Ligue 1 must be said to be different from the new television experiencesLabrune explained for the Demain Le Sport festival this Thursday.

With this idea in mind, and to start again on a good basis, the 51-year-old man even realized a secret: Ligue 1 can change its name. We need to create a display culture around our flagship brand, Ligue 1, a brand that will undoubtedly need to be removed and renamed as part of this project. Change the brand name? Yes, this is a reflection that we are obliged to be in the context of a new project. A name? We open a meditationhe confessed.

Europe, one issue Fundamental

But not surprisingly, the development of L1 cannot happen without better exposure to the international, and especially to the European scene. And for that, Labrune counts the French clubs, whose results not so good at the momentto keep France in the Top 5 of the UEFA rankings for this 2022-2023 financial year. The 2022-2023 season is the last one at the European level considered for the European cycle. France needs to maintain 5th place in Europe to benefit from 4 Champions League qualifying places. It is essential if we want our professional football to be at a high level. It is a more international perspective, more revenue for UEFA, more overall revenue mechanically and more significant investors.lined up the native of Orleans.

with inspiration the teams, the boss of the LFP also made a firm decision: all international rights will be given to the European teams according to the performances achieved. Such a choice is a first in Europe and will be effective from next season. This will create very strong ‘incentives’ for our European clubs, and will encourage renewed competition at domestic level to encourage a certain number of clubs to try to qualify for the European Cup to get this new source of income. We need to give strength to our European clubs. There is no example of a league that has grown internationally without major performances in Europehe said.

An image to restore

So a two-part plan: create a more interesting product for the general public and regain European competitiveness. A clear vision of the LFP, which wants to restore the image of the L1. And to achieve more ambitious goals, Labrune must also solve the problems linked to violence in French stadiums. Before the end, because it is important, this whole project of the image of the world will clearly go through the end of violence in our stadiums. We all must collectively be able to get these hooligans and criminals out of our enclosures. To make our stadiums happy, happy and happy. Obviously, we must continue our substantive work against racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. We must all participate in this virtuous way, the State, the clubs, the League and the Fd, the president finished the tricolor body. A precise road map, but it represents a real challenge.

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