Lady Diana: this amazing shot shows her at 61, her current age

On July 1, 2022, Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, will celebrate her 61st birthday. What would he have looked like at that age? An impressive snapshot revealed by the social network Instagram provides an element of the answer …

  • 1er July 2022, Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, would have celebrated her 61th anniversary.
  • Twenty-five years after her disappearance, an artist from Istanbul used artificial intelligence to imagine what the princess would look like today.
  • He shared the picture on Instagram social network.

His disappearance still lingers in everyone’s mind. On August 31, 1997, the world was shocked to learn the death of Lady Diana. The 36-year-old Princess of Wales was staying in Paris with her ex-boyfriend, Egyptian producer Dodi Al-Fayed, when the couple were involved in a serious car accident under the Alma bridge, right of the heart in the capital. Infuriatingly, Lady Di’s death has stirred up so much emotion in Great Britain and the world. His national funeral, celebrated on September 6, 1997 in Westminster Abbey, gathered more than three million people in London, while 2.5 billion followed the ceremony on television in the four corners of the planet. . .

Twenty-five years later, the memory of the princess is still dear to the hearts of the British. But what would he look like now? This question, Alper Yesiltas asked himself. On his Instagram account, this artist from Istanbul revealed the snapshot of what Lady Diana would have looked like “if nothing happens”in other words, if he hadn’t been in the Mercedes driven by Philippe Dourneau. The Princess of Wales appeared aged a quarter of a century, with white hair, eyelids, her face marked with wrinkles and a few sunspots. A remarkable metamorphosis, which gives a clear and reliable view of the face that the mother of princes William and Harry would have today, if her fate was different.

“This is an insult to Diana’s memory”

If this picture created with artificial intelligence seems realistic, it is not unanimous among Internet users. In the comments, others criticized the artist for darkening the skin of the Princess of Hearts too much, which they believed was older than Alper Yesiltas suggested.He can’t have all the wrinkles!protested one of them. She is even more beautiful than the photo..””This is an insult to Diana’s memory.rebels in a second. He will be 61 years old. She is an incredibly beautiful woman, which means she takes care of herself. You make him look like he’s been sunbathing smoking in a Mississippi trailer park for the past 25 years. Your work is great but irresponsible and insulting. In my opinion, you should remove this photo.”

If this photo has caused a lot of reaction, it is because Princess Diana enjoyed incredible popularity. From her marriage to Prince Charles, July 29, 1981 in St. He promoted himself as a figure in the humanitarian cause, creating and being involved in various associations dedicated to the protection of children, anti-personnel mines and cancer. He was also heavily involved in the fight against AIDS, at a time when the disease was still unknown. “In 1987, when the majority of the population believed that it was possible to contract AIDS through casual contact, Princess Diana sat by the bed of an AIDS patient and shook his hand. He showed the world that people with HIV should not be alone but have compassion. These statements helped change world opinion, give hope to HIV-positive people and save lives.“, Bill Clinton wrote in 2001 in Diana, Princess of Wales Lecture on AIDS. Simple, real and very close to the British people, the princess of hearts was also very touched by her way of assuming her role as a mother with princes William and Harry. An existence remarkable in all respects, whether or not he has reached the age of 61.

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