Kheira Hamraoui attack: Aminata Diallo’s defense attacks

Aminata Diallo remains accused for “aggravated violence” and “criminal association” in the context of the case of the attack on his ex-teammate Kheira Hamraoui, but, since September 21, the ex-midfielder of PSG free, placed under judicial control. A judge’s decision on freedom and detention appealed to the Versailles prosecutor’s office.

“Aminata Diallo experienced a significant shock in prison and we are very happy with her release, welcomed Me Mourad Battikh, this Thursday, September 22, in a press conference organized by his office in Paris. We are moved to show her innocence. Our client will fight and is ready to prove his innocence. We were able to consult his file and his in-depth reading reassured us about the inability of the prosecution to link Aminata Diallo to the perpetrators attack by any material element.

“There is a strong friendship between the two”

According to the criminal lawyer, the investigation entrusted to the brigade for the suppression of banditry in the PJ of Versailles can only be done in a very oriented way and only for the case. “The first victim was Kheira Hamraoui but the second was Aminata Diallo who was also molested on the night of the events and forced into her car, Me Battikh explained. The fact that Hamraoui was a victim that night does not mean that Diallo guilty. Other methods should be checked. There are thousands of ratings in this file and 95% of them concern only Aminata Diallo. There is a disproportion between Aminata Diallo and other possible methods should be checked in our opinion”.

About the messages found in the memory of Aminata Diallo’s phones and the intercepted conversations that seem to reveal the jealousy and verbal aggression of the young woman towards her teammate and competitor in the midfield of Paris , the defense is still trying to clear the ground. “This anger must be incredibly nuanced, suggests Me Romain Ruiz, the other lawyer of Aminata Diallo. These are things that happen in a competitive environment. Every day, every week, it happens in all sports. “More yet in some of the messages highlighted by the investigators, the personal relationship between the two young women can be affectionate, even friendly at times.

“for one” dirty p… “, there are many messages between Diallo and Hamraoui that reveal a warm understanding, supporting Me Ruiz. This fight must be renewed. ” “We can say what we want from the messages, his partner Me Battikh has many. There is a very paid phone operation. There are also many messages of friendship for Kheira Hamraoui. There is a strong friendship between the two, they go on vacation together abroad.

“We want to have access to all the data on Aminata Diallo’s phone”

In the same vein, the advice of Aminata Diallo seeks to eliminate the importance of the dubious Google requests made by the former PSG player: “break a kneecap” and “cocktail of dangerous drugs”. “The research on the patella did not take place the day before, but a few days before the events of November 4, advance Me Ruiz. What seems strange to us is that the investigators transcribed what they wanted. We want to have access to all the phone data of Aminata Diallo. She has checked many other sites of a person who broke their knee. She did not write, how to break the kneecap “”In the file, there is this research without context,” insisted Mr. Battikh.

The counsel of Aminata Diallo, who returned this Wednesday to green in Grenoble (Isère), his hometown, finally says that he reserves the possibility of opposing the extension of the investigation of facts that may be related in an “attempted fraud by an organized gang” committed the damage to PSG.

A case of the case that will involve Aminata Diallo and his sports adviser César M. and that has not yet given any legal proceedings. According to Aminata Diallo’s lawyers, this enlargement has no other purpose than to allow the deployment of more advanced investigative methods such as the sound system in the car and apartment of the former PSG player.

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