Ime Udoka, immediately fired by the Boston Celtics?

While training camps begin in a few days and the regular season begins in less than a month, an earthquake shook Boston: Ime Udoka, the coach of the Celtics, could be suspended for continuing a intimate relationship with a woman Part of the staff of the franchise, it is known that the person concerned has been with Nia Long for several years. Vibe.

This is news that would have done well for the franchise in Boston.

Usually, the end of September corresponds to the time when the orange ball begins to express itself again: media day, training camp, preseason… in short, we can talk about basketball again and leave us in different summer sagas. But with the Celtics, an additional sporting event took center stage: according to Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPN and Shams Charania of The Athletic, Coach Ime Udoka was caught in the act of having an affair with a staff franchise employee. An “intimate and consensual relationship” if we believe the two main NBA insiders, the keyword here is “consensual” because it immediately rejects the hypothesis of aggression / harassment from Udoka to the person in question.

However, and to begin the case from a legal point of view, this action would represent a violation of the Boston franchise rules.

Not only are we here dealing with a violation of franchise regulations regarding the relationship between employees, but above all we are dealing with a case with nuances as many as their variety. about.

  1. Ime Udoka is the coach of one of the most famous franchises in the NBA and came out in addition to participating in the final against the Golden State Warriors. So he represents one of the biggest faces of the Celtics today with stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown as well as the boss of basketball operations Brad Stevens.
  2. Ime Udoka has been with popular actress Nia Long since 2015, and the couple had a child together in 2011. Suffice it to say that we are in a well-established relationship in the public sphere.
  3. We are talking here about America, the Zétazuni, a country that has more than once shown its inconsistency in public positions but is linear in its view of puritanism, leaving little chance for those who, in one position of public representation, spoiling the image of the ideal family.

For all these reasons, there is no doubt that Ime Udoka could easily be dealt to the Celtics, but at what level of severity?

The upcoming suspension for Ime Udoka

This punishment could fall as early as this Thursday, if we are to believe ESPN. The sooner the better, because we know that this type of business can easily weigh within an organization if a decision is not taken quickly. But what kind of punishment? A simple tap of the fingers? Or more or less high suspension? A dismissal outright?

According to the noise in the hallway from Boston, the Celtics will choose to suspend, the length of the latter remains to be seen. Apparently, and Woj threw it, There is a scenario where Udoka does not coach for the entire 2022-23 season. The Celtics, because of their status and the public aspect of this event, know that their decision about the 45-year-old coach will be examined under the magnifying glass and discussed by the NBA, more so after Robert. Sarver affair that – although very different – is not a model of management on the part of the league.

If there is a suspension that prevents Ime Udoka from fulfilling his duties throughout the 2022-23 season, one clearly wonders who will sit in the seat left vacant later.

No, no, forget it now, the boss of basketball operations Brad Stevens will not come down from the offices to continue the service of the bank, even as an interim. And of course, it’s hard to see the Celtics hiring a new coach in such a limited time, because it’s not really for the franchise or the coach in question. So Boston would logically turn to one of Udoka’s assistants, and according to ESPN a Joe Mazzulla will hold the rope. Joe who? Joe Mazzulla, is only 34 years old and has little teaching experience. He actually spent ten years in the costume of an assistant coach, from Division II NCAA to the NBA through the G League with the Maine Red Claws. But Mazzulla only has two years as a head coach on his resume, and that was at small college Fairmont State (2017-19). How about a split if he controls the last NBA finalist.

A 2022-23 season that is off to a bad start for the Celtics

A few weeks ago, all the lights in Boston were green. The Celtics just got out of the NBA Finals after a remarkable rise that began in early 2022, and the cloverleaf franchise made a big recruitment with the arrival of leader Malcolm Brogdon but also Danilo Gallinari. In short, everything seems to be in place to confirm this season and be among the big favorites for the title. And then the tiles come together. September 2, 2022: We know that the knee injury Gallinari suffered in Italy before the start of the EuroBasket corresponds to a ruptured knee ligament. September 20, 2022: breaking news, pivot Robert Williams III will have to go to the operating table again to repair his knee and will have to miss the first deadlines of the upcoming regular season. and September 21, 2022 : Ime Udoka is in turmoil, leaving uncertainty in the situation surrounding the identity of the coach for the coming year. All this, to which we can also add the rumors this summer about the potential transfer of Kevin Durant involving Jaylen Brown (which otherwise did not please the latter much), clearly far from ideal a few days before training camp and media day.

Whatever happens next, this event will only weaken – at least initially – Ime Udoka’s position at the head of the Celtics team. A highly respected leader in the Boston locker room, and author of an incredible first season on the bench for the Greens that included qualification for the NBA Finals, Udoka fully justified Brad Stevens’ choice to bet on a rookie. coach like him, and this despite a rather complicated start in the first half of last season. Now, this case will follow him and the Celtics can only move on when Ime has served a suspension that is so severe that everyone can move on then.

Ime Udoka in turmoil, the Celtics in turmoil, all this just a few days before the resumption of training camp. We are now waiting for the decision of the Boston franchise regarding their coach, but it is clear that regardless of the sanction, we know better to prepare for the NBA season.

Text source: ESPN

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