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Direction of Vincennes on Thursday, September 22, 2022 for Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Bernard Le Quellec Prize must compete with each other as runners. The race will be over 2700 meters, and will be awarded 65,000 €.

In this event, City Guide (2) has just broken Wolvega’s track record, over 2,100 meters. To preserve its morale, it must be driven by the economy. I’m not worried that he’s back in Vincennes, where he’s won three times. I am confident to see him finish in the top four, because he wants to fight now. Galileo Bello (4) returned to victory in Laval after an economical race. In a burst of speed, it’s terrifying. Before GNT, he was above all not worthy after a course nose in the air. Surprisingly, he has yet to win on the big track. He found a great opportunity. He’s on top. This is a priority.

Geny’s secrets

Hansen Erik Bondo: Apple Wise As (1) ran well last time at Enghien, without being too happy. He works well. We hope he gets some money. He is more effective from behind.

Nicolas Bazire: Aura Sl (3) blew after its last outing at Enghien. He doesn’t have a good program. Here is a return. He will keep his irons. Better to see him again. His chances are very limited.

Alphonse Vanberghen: Erolina (5) was great the last two times. All is well for him. He had to run in hiding. Usually, if everything goes well, he has a chance.

Pierre Louis Desaunette: The Gamble River (6) is not unworthy of Rambouillet, although I expected better. It must be said that he was just ahead of the horses from the first post. It did well in the Vincennes spring, but I’m not sure it’s as good as it used to be. The lot is well organized and our ambitions are limited to small areas.

Eric Hansen Bond: Speedy Face (7) is better than his last result showed and is in his real distance here. He works well. So, I hope he will take money. His performance is better when coming from behind.

Leo Abrivard: Vlad del Ronco (8) completely reassured me recently on the grass in Alençon, where he took second place behind Ingo. He wasn’t at his best this summer, but he worked very well. I couldn’t have done better. This race will allow me to see if it is just a matter of form, or if he no longer likes Vincennes. If this is decided, it could disrupt the quinté.

Patrick Hashin: Divine de Navary (9) had a good run last time, where he pushed a little to the right. He hurt a little in the back. We take care. According to his driver, he would have been fifth and maybe fourth, if he hadn’t leaned. Here, he will remove his shoes from his four feet and put on him a small quarter of folding blinders. Usually, his place is in the top five.

Sylvain Roger: Edy du Pommereux (10) good. Finally, the field is of high quality and, due to the extremely sticky condition of the track, it is an advantage to be completely barefoot (as in the first six), which is not his case. It’s not unworthy, however, it makes a very good value. Here the company is good. There is still opposition, but he has a chance.

Emmanuel Varin: Fine Perle of Love (11) won well last time. It was a nice surprise to see him win like this. He is good. He likes Vincennes and can go on like waiting. This is a great commitment. If there is no incident, he will be in the top five. She has a slightly higher class than the Fairy of Ranchval but there is not a big difference. Fée de Ranchval (12) made the mistake, at the end, when Eric Raffin attacked. He found her a little worse. So, we did some small things. He works normally, he is not bad. I advise you to return her, because she is a brave mare who does all her shopping. He can do the last seven hundred meters.

Jacques Etienne Thuet: Destin Carisaie (13) has been struggling with health issues, especially this summer. He is on the right track and he delivered well at Craon. He finished the rest. He needs an economic run. The course will be very important. He was always good at Vincennes. He may not be 100% yet but he is making progress. With a hidden course, it can set itself.

Christopher Eriksson: Ingo (14) had a lot of fun on the grass in Alençon and won easily. In this kind of track, he can continue. Let’s look to Vincennes for a good entry. He is really back to his best now. I think he is good enough to fight for victory.

Herve Sionneau: Deus Ex Machina (15) was not at his best last winter and is struggling to get back to his best after a bloodbath. He surprised me when he came back. In the process, he discovered a favorable engagement, but raised opposition. I think he needs this race to be competitive, even if he takes fifth place.

Jean-Marie Roubaud: El Presidente (16) is not doing so well and was arrested this summer. He has two runs on his legs with irons. This commitment is targeted. He is great at work. Now, I’m just afraid he lacks the rhythm for the capital. It takes a race for the economy to fully express itself. For the fifth yes, for victory, to see.

A summary: 12-14-4-11-16-8-10-6 The press summary: 14 – 5 – 4 – 6 – 11 – 12 – 3 – 13

Equidia: 11-4-12-14-5-1-16-6
Europe1: 14-5-11-4-12-16-1-6
The Parisian: 14-11-4-16-12-5-6-8
Alsace: 14-5-4-11-12-2-10-8
Paris Turf: 4-14-16-11-12-5-13-9

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