Will items bearing the effigy of the new King Charles III be as popular as those associated with the Queen?

In the arms of Maria, a Spanish tourist in London, a statue with a shaking head, magnets for the refrigerator and a medium-sized flag. Total fee: 25 pounds sterling, or about 28 euros, for items exclusively representing Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 and was buried on Monday. “I tell myself it’s a collector’s item, it’s also a kind of tribute”explained the 30-year-old, who the previous day was on the route of the funeral procession between London and Windsor Castle (England).

However, items in the image of the famous monarch are not in danger of disappearing from the shelves, on the contrary. “Of the royal family, she attracts the most customers, followed by Princess Diana. They will be asking us for a long time”said Osman, store manager. But, we don’t know if Charles is very successful…”. Among London dealers, the same uncertainty is everywhere, although some customers have started asking for items in the image of the new king, said Shahil, a souvenir seller in Piccadilly Circus. look at franceinfo.

It must be said that the sector is juicy. The British, like tourists, do not hesitate to put their hands in their wallets to bring home a small royalty, even if the giveaways in question is mostly made in China. “Every year, I buy one or two things, said Gordon, a Welshman passing through the British capital. I have a small shelf at home with all these useless little things. I love funny figurines. But the 50-year-old doesn’t call himself a collector. “I’ll leave that to the crown enthusiasts!”he laughed.

According to several studies (link in English) from the British Center for Retail Research (CRR), any change in the royal family (birth, marriage, death) increases the sales of the goods of origin. Organized last June, the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, for example, generated more than 330 million euros just for the sale of souvenirs. That’s more than double the sales around the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011, which already exceeded 150 million euros. Quoted by The Parisiana study by the Swiss bank Mirabaud estimated that the burial of the Queen would result in an increase of 69 million euros.

It remains to be seen what the souvenir shops will offer in the coming months. “We made some orders for things bearing the image of the king, two or three days after the death of the queen, said a manager of a stall far from the Thames. We were worried that he would leave the throne to his son, but he wanted to stay there so we tried some products. For this retailer, mugs are a safe bet – vst is also the best-selling derivative item, reminiscent of CRR. The delivery time is estimated at ten days, because the producers are in Asia. “From what I see, first we have better things, his details, with simple pictures of the king and especially the new song: God Save The King.”

A flag with the image of Queen Elizabeth II in a souvenir shop in London (United Kingdom), September 20, 2022. (PIERRE-LOUIS CARON / FRANCEINFO)

But the orderly personality of Charles III and his recent accession to the throne did not necessarily create these things bestsellers when they arrive. “It’s not yet a strong statement, a slogan of its own perhaps, believed to be Elise, a Londoner who had gone that morning for some shopping that she intended to offer to Italian friends. “The queen has her sparkling clothes, her flawless smile. Without a distinctive sign, it cannot captivate people.”, he added. Magnanimous, souvenir sellers in downtown London are waiting for the next flagship event: the coronation ceremony of King Charles III, which should take place in the spring or summer of 2023 according to the British press. The fans of royal there is still time to make room on their shelves.

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