What will happen to the children of Camilla Parker-Bowles?

Tom Parker-Bowles at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey. (London, September 19, 2022.) Oli Scarff / AFP

Their mother became queen consort upon the death of Elizabeth II. How will the reign of Charles III affect the lives of Tom Parker-Bowles and Laura Lopes, his clever stepchildren?

Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, cousins, nieces and nephews, Windsor, Kent, Gloucester, Mountbatten… Members of the royal family met on Monday, September 19 at Westminster Abbey for the funeral of ‘Elizabeth II. All of them, including the two children of Queen Consort Camilla: Tom Parker-Bowles and Laura Lopes. A wise presence to support their father-in-law Charles III, who became king at the age of 73. But should we expect to see more of them, those who only make rare public appearances? Will their lives really change? Response elements.

No title, no security

From Camilla’s previous union with officer Andrew Parker-Bowles, Tom and Laura grew up out of the spotlight, in a mansion in Wiltshire. Far (very far) from the protocol imposed by the Windsors. A distance that they kept even after the remarriage of their mother with prince Charles, in 2005. The death of Elizabeth II could upset the course of things, Camilla became the queen consort of England. However, the title of the latter depends directly on that of King Charles III, he cannot pass the distinction directly to his children. Neither Tom nor Laura therefore inherited a title of nobility. “Tom and Laura will remain exactly as they are, their names will not change”, confirmed Joe Little, editor of the magazine highnessin the columns of Page Six.

When asked if they would automatically benefit from the security of Scotland Yard’s royal protection officers, the reporter had his own idea. “If they have not needed security so far, they will have nothing more than a change of reign, unless it is necessary.” Then add: “They value their privacy. Usually, they are very withdrawn.

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Kind stepchildren

By now, they have evolved away from the tabloids. Only the name of Tom Parker-Bowles was circulated in the international press, at the time of the death, in March 2021, of his partner Alice Procope, 42, suffering from cancer. In the United Kingdom, however, the man is a local celebrity. At the age of 47, this renowned food critic has published nine cookbooks. A regular guest on the British edition of “MasterChef”, he also published his food diaries on Sunday Mail, Tatler or Esquire. François-Régis Gaudry across the Channel, in a way.

Laura, the youngest of Camilla Parker-Bowles, cultivates discretion, away from the gold of the Crown. Aged 44, this art history specialist studied marketing at Oxford Brookes University, before becoming director of the Space Gallery. He is also an auto reporter for the magazine Tatler in 2001. Wife of Harry Lopes, ex-model for Calvin Klein who became a lawyer, she also co-founded her own art gallery in an upscale district of the English capital. Together, Laura and Harry have three children: Eliza, 14, who was a bridesmaid at William and Kate’s wedding in 2011, Gus and Louis, 12-year-old twins.

Laura Lopes, her mother Camilla and her stepfather Charles, who is now King of England. (Blandford Forum, May 1, 2014.) Adrian Dennis / AFP

In the English press, it was whispered that the daughter-in-law of King Charles III will continue the troubled relationship with Prince William in the past. The issue: the divorce of their respective parents. “William and Laura constantly argue over who is responsible for their broken homes,” the book reads. William and Harry by Katie Nicholl. The tensions that should have dissipated over time.

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