“Unbelievable moment”, “best valve” … Internet users hallucinated when they discovered the identity of the construction cone

The episode on Tuesday, September 20 at Masked Singer.rich in twists and turns. Apart from the six celebrities who are still running, two surprise guests participated in the show. The Viking, first, came to help the investigators in their research. And to the surprise of Kev Adams, Chantal Ladesou, Vitaa and Jeff Panacloc, it is a celebrity who has appeared this season in the program hiding under this costume. In fact, Francis Huster, the Pharaoh who was eliminated last week, is now back in service. “I’m here again under the mask, it’s been a long time”he showed at the time of his magnet signs, exactly.

The site cone is Michel, the husband of Chantal Ladesou

But this is not the only character whose participation has been announced. The construction cone thus appeared in the middle of the night to supposedly pass the casting of Masked Singer. This is not the 14th candidate, but a fun event, as the investigators quickly noticed. “This is a quick one. “launched Jeff Panacloc, intrigued by this funny costume that was a bit sloppy. “I started the season saying: ‘They are twelve characters’. In fact, they are 34“, outbid Camille Combal, hilarious. The apprentice detectives have a minute to ask him as many questions as possible, to open him. with him. Immediately, the investigators think that it will be Michel, the husband of the actress.”You better not be my husband, because you will hear me”, he said. “Olala, I’m embarrassed”he continued. And to her surprise, it was her husband, who was even privileged to be able to walk in his costume.

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Michel and Chantal are made for each other according to internet users

This sequence made Internet users laugh a lot, who shared their joy on social networks. Others did not believe their eyes, because the husband of Chantal Ladesou was quoted this time. “The plot is actually the husband of Chantal Michel incredible moment”, one of them was inspired. And for twittos without a doubt these two are made for each other. “They are from the same planet, they find each other great Chantal and Michel”, “Michou, and Chantal, a sketch for them 2! Brilliant!”, “Michel is far west like his wife that Chantal … they are doing well. pair”can we read the social network.

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