League of Nations: the final bets

Who will make it to the Final Four?

The defending champion, the France team is no longer in the race in group 1 while Austria seems far away. From there, Denmark (1st, 9 points) and Croatia (2nd, 7 points) will face each other for their first participation in the Final Four of the tournament. The Danes lead the standings, but the Croats won the first leg 1-0. Tomorrow the two teams will meet in Zagreb. Denmark can qualify if they win and Vatreni will overtake their opponent if they succeed. If Christian Eriksen’s side do not win, the two teams will face each other on the final day. In Group 2, Spain (1st, 8 points) and Portugal (2nd, 7 points) have the advantage and they will meet on September 27. The victory of Spain combined with the defeat of the Portuguese the next day will still enable La Roja to -qualify for the Final Four as in the previous edition.

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Group 3 offers a three-way battle between Hungary (1st, 7 points), Germany (2nd, 6 points) and Italy (3rd, 5 points). Dominik Szoboszlai’s teammates will play Germany on September 23 and Italy on September 26, and will experience a truly historic Nations League Final Four. Same story for Germany who will challenge England on September 26 after their match against the Magyars. Finally, the Nazionale will start against England on September 23 to be given the luxury of dreaming on September 26 against Hungary. The fight promises to be fierce between these three formations. In Group 4, the Netherlands (1st, 10 points) and Belgium (2nd, 7 points) are fighting for access. Winning 4-1 in the first leg, the Oranjes have a great cushion for the confrontation between the two teams on September 25. Tomorrow, the Dutch will challenge Poland while Belgium play against Wales with a must win to keep the any real hope of qualification.

Who will be relegated from League A?

From heroes to zero, this will be the fate of France in Group 1. The 2018 world champions are two points behind Austria and could be relegated tomorrow if there is a defeat against the formation of Ralf Rangnick. A win will get them out of this precarious position while a draw will revive Pagasa. France and Austria will challenge Denmark and Croatia on Sunday. In group 2, Spain is maintained and Portugal has a good mattress. Czechia (3rd, 4 points) and Switzerland (4th, 3 points) will fight to stay in the top flight. Patrik Schick’s teammates can if there is a win against Portugal and a loss against Switzerland give themselves a break from September 24th. If there is a different scenario, the two teams will meet on Swiss soil on September 27.

The situation is critical for England in group D. Finally, the English who will challenge Italy on September 23 and Germany on September 26 must be filled with points to maintain themselves. Hungary has 5 points, Germany leads by 4 points and Italy by 3 points so it is clear that it is necessary to make a full card or risk falling to League B. In group 4, Poland has a good advantage due to maintaining a 3 point lead over Wales two days from the end and a 2-1 win in the first leg. Any positive result during the confrontation between the two teams equals qualification. The following day, the two teams will battle it out from away as Poland host the Netherlands and Wales travel to Belgium.

League B

In the antechamber of League A, the clash between Ukraine (1st, 7 points) and Scotland (2nd, 6 points) in the lands of the Tartan Army tonight will help clarify things. Both teams are playing to get into League A and this confrontation will allow Zbirna to fly, or the Scots to grab first place. Maintenance on the other hand should concern Ireland (3rd, 4 points) and Armenia (4th, 3 points). If the Islanders have a one-point lead, Armenia won the first leg 1-0 and has the advantage in direct confrontations. The two teams will meet on Tuesday 27 September in the second leg between Ukraine and Scotland. After the exclusion of Russia, who will be de facto relegated to League C, Group 2 will see Israel (1st, 5 points) come out on top ahead of Iceland (2nd, 3 points) and Albania (3rd, 1 point) . ), with little play. Israel can be promoted on Saturday, September 24 with a win or a draw against Albania. If the latter wins, however, it will completely restart everything for Armando Broja’s teammates who will host Iceland on September 27.

In Group 3, the fight is tough even though Bosnia and Herzegovina (1st, 8 points) and Montenegro (2nd, 7 points) are in a strong position against Finland (3rd, 4 points) and Romania (4th , 3 points) . The next day will face Finland and Romania on Friday while Bosnia and Herzegovina will receive Montenegro. Two games that will allow to refine the positions. At the end of group 4, Erling Braut Haaland’s Norway is in a strong position and have a three-point lead. Serbia, whom they beat 1-0 in the first leg. The two teams will compete from a distance the next day before challenging each other on September 27 to A shock above .The maintenance will be decided between Sweden and Slovenia who will also meet on September 27. Advantage for Blågult with 1 point lead and won 2-0 in the first leg.


To access League B, we already know some formations that get a good advantage. In Group 1, Turkey is 5 points ahead of Luxembourg and will only need a draw against the Duchy to move up to the top division. In terms of the fight to stay, Lithuania is four points behind the Faroe Islands with a disadvantage in direct confrontations. The Lithuanians have to find themselves in the teams that will play in the play-off to avoid falling to League D. In group 2, Greece has already been promoted, but there is a struggle to keep the distance. Second, Kosovo is 4 points ahead of Northern Ireland and Cyprus and looks safe. On the other hand, these last two will offer themselves a fight at a distance. Northern Irish advantage in direct confrontations.

In Group 3, Kazakhstan leads Slovakia by 4 points, which they have beaten twice. The Snow Leopards need a win to move up to League B. When it comes to promotion, there is a battle between Azerbaijan and Belarus that will go a long way. Azerbaijanis have an advantage in direct confrontations and are 2 points ahead so the situation will be complicated for Belarus. In Group 4, Georgia (1st, 10 points) and North Macedonia (2nd, 7 points) will compete to face off on September 23 which will be decisive. The first leg was won 3-0 by Khvicha Kvaratskhelia’s band. In terms of maintenance, Bulgaria has two points ahead of Gibraltar, which is a play-off. Friday, the two teams will face each other in a match that will certainly make it possible to determine the barrage without falling to League D.

League D

Finally, in the last division of Europe, we begin to know the face of the two teams that will be promoted to League C. In group 1, Latvia is 5 points ahead of Moldova. After receiving this selection tomorrow, the Latvians need only one draw to be promoted. If not, it will be settled on the last day with an away fight. In group 2, Estonia and Malta share the lead with 6 points (1 game missing for the Estonians). The two teams meet on Friday and Estonia, who won the opener 2-1, need only a draw to secure promotion.

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