Did the IRS send you an email about your savings? Warning, this is not a scam!

You have a small income and you want to open a savings account : ‘Account whose purpose is to pay savings made by natural or legal persons’ ? The People’s Savings Account (LEP) is for you. It is an investment with an attractive interest rate. Your savings are risk free and you don’t have to pay interest tax”. This is how the tax authorities present their Livret d’Epargne Populaire, on the government website.

Therefore, the tax authorities recently sent an email to several million taxpayers telling them that they are eligible to open a People’s Savings Account (LEP). No, this is not a scam via a fraudulent email! Reserved for the French with a moderate income, this savings account has many advantages, including a high rate of return. There is a pub that explains everything to you.

Yes it’s the IRS!

Understanding that you are participating in a scam hiding behind a message received in an email is not always easy. Countless phishing emails, sent every day, prey on unsuspecting victims. Many of these messages sound so strange and fake that your inbox sends them straight to spam. However, many others are perfectly written that even the majority Experimented surrender.

We receive them regularly and very often we draw your attention to ongoing scams that try to get money or personal information from you via email, phone or SMS. Be aware that even state services are often victims of identity theft. And even the taxman!

You may be very suspicious that you deleted the recently received email too quickly. In this email, one can read “If you have received this email, it means that you are eligible to open a People’s Savings Account (LEP), due to the amount of reference income in your taxable household for the year 2021 (which can be found in your 2022 notice of tax)”. Not this time, it’s not a scam!

Indeed, the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) continues its campaign to promote the Livret d’Epargne Populaire. Therefore, by email to the attention of taxpayers that it informs them that they are eligible.

Only 6.9 million French people have LEP, out of 18.6 million taxpayers who meet the eligibility conditions until December 31, 2021. However, LEP is an ideal investmentin this time of high inflation. Benefiting from the same characteristics as A bookletit is more profitable than this.

Who can open a popular savings account?

Aimed at households with moderate incomes, the LEP has regulations. Here are the requirements to open one:

  • Older than 18.
  • Opening a popular passbook is reserved for tax households residing in France.
  • Justify a reference tax income (registered intax notice 2022 of 2021 income) below the ceiling. It is set to €20,297 for one person€31,137 for a couple without children and €36,557 for a couple with one child.

For information, your LEP will not be closed immediately if the income ceilings are exceeded in 2023. You will no longer benefit from it from the following year, unless your RFR falls below the eligibility scale.

You can only open one booklet per person, on limit of two booklets per taxable household (one booklet for you and one for your spouse or your Pacs partner).

What are the advantages?

LEP has many benefits for beneficiaries. ” Like Livret A, LEP is a risk-free savings account, which is perfect guaranteed by the stateand whose wages are in full exempt from taxes and social security contributions, thus specifying the DGFIP email. Also, it should be remembered that the money in this investment can be withdrawn at any time and is free of charge.

The LEP is more income than booklet A. his interest rate raised to 4.6% on August 1, 2022 due to inflation, compared to 2% for livret A. The difference is still not negligible since the annual salary of a LEP is filled to the maximum, i.e. €7,700, thus reaching €354, compared of 200 € per year profit for booklet A.

If you are one of the recipients of this informative email, don’t miss it! Ask your bank to quickly open one without delay! And it’s not often that we get a letter from the tax authorities announcing the good news!

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