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Like other models in the Dacia range, the Sandero did not escape the total restyling introduced in 2022. This facelift allows the Romanian manufacturer belonging to the Renault group to update its models in line with the new brand its identity. It adds to the compact a new logo on its grille, called Dacia Link.

Surrounded by white patterns, this logo seems to join the Sandero’s LED daytime running lights. The compact also sports this new Dacia Link logo in the center of its rims. The restyling also gives it a new body color, called Lichen Kaki. Finally, the rear face receives new lettering in a style that is both minimalist and futuristic.

Still offered with two small gasoline engines

Dacia Sandero restyled (2022)Photo credit – Dacia

Only two finishes – Essential and Expression – are available in the Sandero catalog. They can be combined with 65 bhp 1.0 SCe and 90 bhp 1.0 Tce petrol engines. This final block works with a continuously variable gearbox (CVT). There is also a bi-fuel petrol-LPG engine, this is the 100 horsepower 1.0 Eco-G.

LED headlights on this entry-level model

Dacia Sandero restyled (2022)

Dacia Sandero restyled (2022)Photo credit – Dacia

In terms of equipment, this Sandero is still recognizable by its LED headlights in some versions, the body-colored mirror caps, the 8-inch touch screen, and the rear parking assist. As an option, it can be equipped with a hands-free card, electric parking brake, reversing camera, blind spot detector or even automatic air conditioning.

The price of the restyled Dacia Sandero in 2022

Dacia Sandero restyled (2022)

Dacia Sandero restyled (2022)Credit Photo – Autonews

The appeal price of the restyled Dacia Sandero is set at €10,990 with the Essential entry-level finish and the small 65-hp SCe petrol engine. This precise model is available with a long-term lease (LLD) of 49 months or 50,000 kilometers, with a rent of 145 €. All with no extra first rent.

3 questions about the restyled Dacia Sandero (2022)

Dacia Sandero restyled (2022)

Dacia Sandero restyled (2022)Credit Photo – Autonews

What are its innovations?

Slightly redesigned after the total restyling launched by Dacia in 2022, the Sandero received some design changes. The main innovation is the introduction of the Dacia Link logo on its grille. We can also see this logo in the center of the rims. On the back, the minimalist lettering recalls the name of the model and its manufacturer. The Romanian compact can also sport a new body color called Lichen Kaki.

What will its price be in 2022?

It takes at least €10,990 to buy the Dacia Sandero in 2022. This aggressive price is applied to buyers of the entry-level Essential model. For this price, the Sandero is equipped with a small 1.0 SCe petrol engine with 65 horsepower. Better equipped, the Expression finish is available from €13,100 with the same engine.

Can LPG do it?

Like other Dacia models other than electric cars, the Sandero can run on LPG depending on its engine. The compact can actually be powered by the 100-horsepower 1.0 Eco-G block, which allows dual-fuel petrol-LPG. Choosing this engine is an opportunity to save money at the pump because LPG is generally cheaper than traditional fuels. However, the service stations that offer it are extremely rare.

In short

Inaugurated at the end of 2020, the third generation of Dacia Sandero gets a facelift in 2022. The Romanian compact has the right to a small change of face, to follow the new identity of the Dacia brand. To do this, it adopts the new Dacia Link logo on its grille. Surrounded by standards, it seems to join the LED daytime running lights. This logo is also used in the center of the rims, while the rear face receives minimalist lettering. Offered with small petrol engines and a 100 horsepower 1.0 Eco-G petrol-LPG block, the Sandero can also sport a new body color Lichen Khaki. Its call price is set at €10,990.

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