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The concern is there every year for basketball fans who do not have a PS5 or Xbox Series: how will the version of NBA 2K23 on PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One? Usually below in terms of content and graphic and technical power, focus on the old gen version of NBA 2K23, a game dedicated to the great Michael Jordan.

Testing the old gen version

This test uses the same last three paragraphs about the content of Jordan Challenge, the MyTeam mode and the virtual currency system as our test of the PS5 and Xbox Series version that was released at the release of the title, because the same they (the screenshots of these parts are not in conformity and do not need to be considered graphically.

Graphically, we’re a long way from the PS5

Unfortunately, a logical explosion, the version of NBA 2K23 Switch, PS4 and Xbox One did not reach the graphic and technical standards of the last version of the generation. We don’t benefit from almost no loading time, dazzling light effects or larger than life models. Logic on console, but on PC? Again, the platform is not included in the batch of last generation versions of NBA 2K with PS5 and Xbox Series, a choice that only increases the grumbling of PCists every time. In addition, the incredible variety of animations of the higher version does not work here at all, enough to give an impression of deja vu in the game of the previous opus.

However, a big change should be considered to please the failed “meta”, which is the strategies to take advantage of the mistakes in the game if you spend a lot of time training. A dribbler can only attempt an explosive dribble 3 times per possession, under penalty of being weak at the end of the final test. It’s time to play collectively, and not just use the leader-pivot connection. Ditto for the crazy defensive interceptors, who can only attempt three interceptions or three jumps before making the next attempt which is less effective. As for the shot, it’s like the next generation: while before it was a neon green animation accompanied by a timing and a perfect shot from the start of the ball, indicating to everyone that the shot is going in, this animation is now intervened immediately. while the ball touches the hoop or enters. Ditto for defense indicators and imperfect time if you check the parameters option. Knowing that the timing is more demanding than last seasonwe advise you to remove the shooting gauge in the settings to have a shooting bonus if there is a good time, and not to give any indication to the opposing team that will not directly start a counterattack if there is a missing gauge. .

If the race takes us to the boat

NBA 2K23 takes a masterful counter on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC!

Welcome to Boat GOAT

On the My Career mode side, it’s also different from the PS5’s likes. But (also?) Like NBA 2K22 old-gen version. We are still on the cruise ship, the “boat GOAT” the labyrinth is definitely smaller and better organized than NBA 2K22, but has a quest system that is just as tedious. The cutscenes, with the same scenario as the Xbox Series, will follow each other before the matches and according to the main quest, with the opponent of Shep Owen, a player chosen in the middle of Draft like you and in the same position. The possibilities of the mode are still very many, but we did not find the Theater and the various temporary modes, this is one of the disappointments of the software that may have a place in these versions. In terms of the Career menus, it’s the same as last season, as is player progression in terms of attributes and badges. That’s why it’s so slow to rise with the quasi-obligation to buy VC to quickly improve (see the last paragraph).

The content under the PS5 and Xbox Series version …

In other modes, understand My League, and not My NBA like PS5. We include a franchise manager with a 200% configurable league system, but without the unique new generation addition. Although we can integrate players in history through the Fantasy Draft before the season, today a choice of decade is important on PS5 and Xbox Series: the 80s with Magic Johnson and Bird, the 90s with the Bulls of Jordan, the 2000s with Kobe Bryant, or the modern era dominated by the Warriors. All teams and personnel are adjusted to the time, the TV skins of the season, the visual identities of each franchise… A new one not included on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch like Wthe career mode of women, which is a big weak point in different contents.

The return of Michael Jordan

NBA 2K23 takes a masterful counter on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC!

GOAT has his dedicated mode

Regarding the solo bread of the return, Take-Two fully respects the tribute aspect of Michael Jordan by bringing the closet to the Jordan Challenge mode. Now available in NBA 2K11 (with 10 challenges), this is a series of challenges where we revisit the 15 most important games of MJ’s career. With 3 objectives to complete per encounter, this too the opportunity to (re)discover the great career of His Airness in the rules and skins of TV of the time and through the visual effects specific to old televisions. A sort of “The Last Dance” with Sirius music by the Alan Parsons Project in the background (the Chicago Bulls’ entrance music) with some high stakes (scoring 63 points against Boston, getting 8 rebounds in the university final, etc.).

Co-op in MyTeam mode

NBA 2K23 takes a masterful counter on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC!

My Team mode is always ultra-complete

If the MyTeam card game, similar to the “Ultimate Team” games in other sports simulations, does not change much in its formula, it improves in several points. First, it is possible to play co-op in MyTeam in Triple Threat (match 3 against 3, first team to 21 points). Each member of the team will play with an NBA player captured on the card, a great step forward and a good alternative to Career, because we control a current or historical NBA player this season. Another innovation is the possibility to “block” a position, ie control only one player throughout the game and leave the control to the computer teammates. It is useful if you are not comfortable controlling the whole team, if you want to improve a position or win a challenge to improve the player card. For others, the lifespan corresponds to the many online/solo challenges, the classic times where you face opponents of the same level without restriction (unlimited MyTeam) or there are team constraints to be respected (limited MyTeam) and therefore 3 against 3 is possible. in the coop.

The color of money

NBA 2K23 takes a masterful counter on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC!

Some matchmaking can result in extremely unbalanced matches

Where the shoe pinches in this edition, and this is unfortunately not a surprise, is at the level of virtual currency. As with the final license titles, it takes more than 260,000 VC to raise a player from 60 to 85 in the overall rating, i.e. 60 € in VC. All without spending money on MyTeam mode! The need to find the right archetype the first time is therefore important. Note that this time the “rebirth” quest that allows you to change a player and raise him directly to level 90 if you have enough VC is available by raising his first basketball player to 90 and win a game of hide and seek with Ronnie 2K. To finish in gray areas, career matchmaking for REC or Pro-Am modes is always limited, unbalanced confrontations and combinations of positions that can sometimes become a nightmare. But with the many satisfactions that the opus brings, we will pass this time.

NBA 2K23 takes a masterful counter on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC!NBA 2K23 takes a masterful counter on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC!

Strong points

  • Great lifespan
  • Added new fatigue system
  • The shooting system, very demanding and fair time
  • The return of the Jordan Challenge, take
  • My Team is getting deeper
  • New career mode scene…

Weak points

  • …but still a tedious search system
  • PC is not included in the new generation platform
  • My NBA mode is not complete like PS5 and Xbox Series
  • Less animations
  • W is not developed enough
  • The demand for VC has further increased
  • No matchmaking overhaul

This is a bit of a disappointment for everyone who is waiting for a new opus on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. NBA 2K23 is almost unchanged in content compared to NBA 2K22, except for the layout of Boat Goat, framework of Career mode or the addition of co-op mode to My Team mode. Fortunately, the addition of a new defense system and a more accurate, demanding and realistic shot saved the furniture, not to mention a lot of time to spend on the title for neophytes. We hope for a great effort for the next seasons, because this is the first time that there is such a serious gap between the old gen and PS5-Xbox Series versions.


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