Mbappé, image rights, Verratti, Kimpembe

Seen and read about PSG in the French press on Tuesday, September 20: updates on the injuries of Marco Verratti and Presnel Kimpembe, as well as a long return to the showdown between Kylian Mbappé and the FFF who won the first striker phase in Paris. on Monday.

Who said that the start of the international break says that PSG is not mentioned much in the French press. This Tuesday is no exception to the rule. Two topics directly related to the capital club are briefly covered in the current edition of the THE GROUP. The French sports daily provides a brief update on injuries Presnel Kimpembe and Marco Verratti. The news is good for the Frenchman as he is reported to have returned to specific work in the past few days. His return to competition remains scheduled for around October 20, a month before the first game ofFrench team to the World Cup.

When it comes to Marco Verratti, THE GROUP content to repeat the words of the official communiqué of PSG published at the end of the day on Monday: the player is the victim of a contusion with a deep hematoma in the left calf. Arriving at the Italian selection meeting in the morning, the 29-year-old midfielder left directly and returned to pair At night. The one who started all the games since the beginning of the season will take care of the training center of Lodge camp. Currently, no recovery date has been announced PSG.

The subject less connected with PSG but nevertheless related to one of its players: the arm wrestling series between Kylian Mbappe and the FFF on the issue of image rights. The subject is treated at length in the THE GROUP in an edition of the day, sports daily returns to the chronology of this day on Monday in three phases. while Noel le Graët indicates that the agreement related to the sponsorship activities dated 2010 will not be changed before the World Cupthe answer to Kylian Mbappe didn’t wait. At 3:20 pm, a press release was sent toAFPwhich claims that the player has ” decided not to participate in the planned photo shoot Tuesday after refusing to FFF in” change the agreement “. A meeting followed around 4:30 in the afternoon between Noel le Graët, Raphael Varane, Hugo Lloris and Kylian Mbappeall in the presence of Francois Vasseur (marketing director) and Didier The fields. In the meantime, the influential players in the locker room decided to line up at the back Kylian Mbappethe latter now wishes ” be consulted before surgery “for” try to participate in activities without conflicting with personal sponsors “. At no time was the financial question discussed during this meeting, determined THE GROUP.

Finally, Noel le Graët folded and accepted the revision of the convention. the FFF issued a statement at 8:45 pm saying that it would commit ” to change, as soon as possible, the convention inherent in image rights that binds it to its players of choice “. In doing so, the federation ensured the presence of their players in the photo shoot this Tuesday. Negotiations are open for the FFFbut there is no substantive agreement as it stands. THE GROUP it’s called a press release” sustainable solution “medium term.

The Parisian focuses on its treatment of the subject by highlighting Kylian Mbappé, described as ” the person who says no “and” who was able to move the lines “. The regional daily recalled that this showdown between FFF and the striker PSG not a question of money if the player donates all his bonuses earned toFrench team. ” He did not intend to associate his image with junk food, fatty and sugary products responsible for obesity, or online betting. “, correctly remembered The Parisian. Coca Cola, Betclic or KFC associates of Blue ones targeted by the French. ” But he compromises with other brands and does not refuse the sponsors of PSG, his main employer, with whom he considers dialogue more useful. to the extent that he was listened to and consulted in addition to the partnerships with his club, shows The Parisian. Now the FFF understood that the position of Kylian Mbappe no longer isolated because many other players lined up behind him. To see now how the agreement will change in the coming days and if it will stay with the demands of the players, in the mind of the strikers in Paris.

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