Cyril Hanouna is angry with Gilles Verdez after the TPMP allocations controversy!

it Wednesday, September 14, 2022Cyril Hanouna and his columnists especially Gilles Verdezmentions the amount of social security benefits. It follows into a buzzing story on Twitter since 9/11.

It is related to a family with 10 children receiving 5,789.53 euros in social benefits. For some columnists, this amount very high. Cyril Hanouna was brought along with Gilles Verdez.

Columnists have different opinions

September 11, shared by a Twitter user a photo that quickly spread on social networks. He showed a sheet listing the amount of money which a family receives from CAF.

The amount is approximately 6,000 euros. As with the web, this value divides historians is in the C8 set. Other columnists were shocked and did not understand that such an amount was offered to a family.

Matthieu Delormeau especially gives his opinion on the subject. According to him, this amount is unreasonable. He then explained that some people spent a lot of time studying only in the end to work harder.

Unlike this family, they did not receive such an amount in return. Delphine Wespiser joined him and went further. The former beauty queen opened up about a possible limitation the number of children to conceive.

Needs a ceiling to discourage people from continuing to have children, he said on the Touche set, not in my post.

Same story for Valérie Benaïm, who agreed with what he said. On the contrary, Guillaume Genton, Benjamin Castaldi and Gilles Verdez do not share their view.

Benjamin Castaldi protects the family by teaching Unfair to them. He accused them of assault people who need help. As for Guillaume Genton, he declared thatstop judging people who don’t know them.

Cyril Hanouna attacked Gilles Verdez

Gilles Verdez was the first to support the idea of ​​giving allowances to those who need it. He explained that for 6,000 euros, there is a 2,000 euro back-to-school allowance. Despite the controversy, the columnist pointed out that this family does not receive 6,000 euros per month.

gilles verdez tpmp

This is the France I lovethe one who helps the poor… he started.

Cyril Hanouna did not appreciate the speech of Gilles Verdez. Baba got angry with him and had some harsh words.

You represent everything wrong, the presenter told him.

Tried by Cyril Hanouna convincing Gilles Verdez that he was wrong. The host explained that the amount paid by this family is abnormal. Gilles Verdez did not remain silent in the face of his partner’s attacks.

He was angry when he saw that his colleagues ignored what he said. In anger, Gilles Verdez retaliated against the columnists by insulting that their words are insults to the poor. A comment that angered Cyril Hanouna.

You can’t see that the politics you do is what brought France in his present conditionhe answered Gilles Verdez.

Cyril Hanouna was not convinced by Gilles Verdez

TPMP host Gilles Verdez explained that some viewers can’t even afford something like this salary. Actually, Cyril Hanouna said that other viewers told him they were working at 8 a.m. and didn’t get home until 7 p.m.

He admitted thatnone of them will receive the amount of 6,000 euros per month. Sometimes these people don’t have enough to eat while they spend all their labor force.

Gilles Verdez

When we are not workingwe don’t complain, but we are workingby Cyril Hanouna to Gilles Verdez.

Gilles Verdez did not finish backing up his statements to Cyril Hanouna. For the columnist, they are not lazy. He added that it is embarrassing to assume they are lazy.

For Cyril Hanouna, the problem is a system malfunction. He concluded that a person does not earn money while at home and have children, but work.

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