Are you a victim of espionage? Here is how to know if your mobile is hacked

Are you afraid of becoming a victim of spying on your mobile phone? Here are some ways to know if you have been hacked.

do you know It is very easy to know user passwords. So can also tell you, hack a cell phone can prove to be child’s play for some subject matter experts. And once your mobile phone is subject to a spy, its removal is very complicated. But this is not possible. However, prevention is better than cure.

In any case, knowing this, you can be a victim of spying on your mobile phone. It’s common and it happens, as it happens on your computer. The problem is that you usually have everything on your smartphone.

It ranges from a simple note to your bank details through your social networks and your bank account accessible through an application, for example. In short, you don’t want to get hacked. Here’s how to know if your mobile has been hacked, but also how protect you from intruders on your phone. Let’s go.

There are several types of hacking a cell phone

Yes, yours the smartphone can be hacked. Everything can be hacked elsewhere. It can be done from the laptop, the phone, but also the largest social network in the world. Recently, Twitter has also been the subject of a massive hack. Like what, no one is immune.

Intruders, with your codes and data, can do terrible things with what’s on your smartphone. They can steal your photos and you of blackmail others, for example. But again, the latter can be simple you steal money or you demand a ransom so they leave your mobile alone.

Actually, scams and mobile hacking are for spying, to get money, it happens in many ways. Here’s how it’s possible to hack your phone:

Phishing: a very common phenomenon in France

Phishing or Phishing. It is well known. The principle is that hackers will send you an SMS or email with a stuck link content. In general, they pretend to be well-known and public organizations, and even for your insurance, your bank, etc.

As soon as you click the link, your mobile is no longer secure. Neither is your data. Attention, at a time when people are harassed by email and SMS of this type. This is a real scourge in France and hackers are getting better and better at pretending reliable organizations.

Other forms of mobile phone hacking

  • You can also become a victim of mobile snooping when you downloaded a virus on your phone. It may be in a file that looks reliable. This happens when you download a file from an email, but also from a dubious web page.
  • the SIM purchase. A technique used by hackers. The goal? Transfer your phone number to its own SIM card. That way, the spy can access your email accounts and even your bank accounts.
  • Spyware. it spyware installation without the knowledge of the phone owner has only one purpose. They collect your personal data and remotely spy on your activities on your phone. This includes logging into your bank. These softwares do most of the hacks. They run in the background and are often invisible.
  • the hacking public wifi. Here the hacker will create a fake Wifi hotspot to collect your mobile data.
mobile spy

How to know if your mobile is a spy victim?

Now that you know the main forms of mobile surveillance, here are the how to know if you have been hacked. In general, here are the factors that should inform you:

  • Your passwords have been changed without your prior consent. This includes email addresses, social networks, and more.
  • No more access in your online accounts. You are blocked everywhere.
  • A new account email or other done thanks to you.
  • In your list of new connections, a new IP address unknown appears. This can be checked for all accounts by typing “check recent logins” + “name of the site you want to check”. For example, for Google and therefore Gmail, it happens here:
  • Of those advertising which you have not seen before or are not part of your interests.
  • You have too many phones slower than usual. It restarted unexpectedly.
  • Your mobile data consume more than usual.

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Mobile spy: how to avoid hacking your cell phone?

In terms of spying on mobile phones, you don’t have 36 solutions to protect yourself. Here are some best practices.

  • Use a VPN for your web browsing through your smartphone. the vpn is a great tool to protect your data.
  • Do not click on suspicious links through SMS, email, messaging.
  • Be careful not to publicize your usernames, passwordsand so on.
  • Change your passwords always. In general, twice a year is a good idea. And don’t use the same one for all accounts. Also, make sure to use passwords that are secure and hard to crack.
  • Do not upload files to awesome web pages.
  • Subscribe to a mobile insurance to cover any damage.
  • Invest in a cell phone anti-virus. the antivirus software because smartphone is the most useful to avoid mobile surveillance.
  • Always use a two factor identification (eg SMS + email) for your connections.
  • In case of hacking and money theft, you should contact your bank. Also, contact the above if you think you’ve been hacked. Your bank set up a monitoring system for your transactions.

Note that there is a trick to know if your calls or messages are diverted. Redemption Code *#21# in the interface like making a call. If your messages and calls are transferreduse the code 002# to disable the diversion.


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