Aminata Diallo’s “pathological” drift

A series of scary, not to say overwhelming, elements. Le Parisien revealed on Tuesday extracts from the investigation report of the Brigade for the suppression of banditry by the judicial police of Versailles, in the case of the attack on Kheira Hamraoui. According to the investigators, “it is undeniably proven that Aminata Diallo [la coéquipière d’Hamraoui au PSG] nurtures a real hatred against his club mate whom he considers an obstacle to his own sporting career”.

Several elements allowed them to reach this conclusion. For example, the investigators found on two phones of Aminata Diallo jealous messages of her teammate, three months before the attack suffered by Hamraoui: “He has not trained since the game in Rome with us, he came back as a starter against Bayern while you did right while he was away! “It was during this time that a violent project was awakened by Dialllo, with the help of one of his relatives nicknamed “Jaja” : “If I were evil, jealous and calculating like him… I would tell him “‘ ‘destroy him, he destroyed him'”.

This idea seems to have become more serious in October, after a gathering of the French team when Diallo was called to replace Hamraoui, injured. “I can be ruthless now!” I need someone but to flirt with my work for free I will not accept. I hope they are all safe, I just need my loved ones,” he wrote in “Jaja.” With the background, the desire of Aminata Diallo for an extension at PSG. For the PJ, the motive of Hamraoui’s aggression comes from this desire for an extension with a salary of “25,000 or 30,000 euros gross, not less”.

“He seemed to know exactly what was going to happen”

From the first days of the investigation, suspicions were directed towards Aminata Diallo. Kheira Hamraoui confessed specifically to the police about the strange behavior of his teammate, on the return of this famous meal of “unification” between PSG players on November 4, 2021. “I don’t understand why he didn’t I was told to file. first when we came back from the restaurant when we were a few hundred meters from my house. What was also strange for me after that was that during the attack, Aminata was driving very slowly, at 5 or 10 km / h when the attackers appeared in front of the bonnet. It seems that he knew exactly how this would happen,” he explained to the police, according to the investigative report consulted by The Parisian.

During her first police custody, on November 10, Aminata Diallo led investigators on the path to a love dispute by revealing the existence of a relationship between Hamraoui and Eric Abidal: his ex-wife wanted to take revenge


But the investigators sounded Diallo’s apartment and car, and realized that the player poured out his hatred for Hamraoui to one of his acquaintances, an unofficial agent of the player. By envisioning changes in the organizational chart of the PSG women’s section to get a contract extension with PSG. Hence the extension of the investigation into the facts of “attempted fraud by an organized gang”.

Police also realized that Aminata Diallo had deleted her Snapchat application from both of her phones two days after the attack. And he worries about being tracked by the app.

The investigators established, after a judicial request from Snapchat, that the three lines left that night, at the same time, Val-de-Marne, to join Chatou, the place of the attack. Before making the return trip when the attack ends. They are three young people in their twenties from Villeneuve-Saint-Georges and the phone of one of them, which was seized in another investigation, showed that the search for the exact address of his attack was made on Waze, when Diallo, Hamraoui and Si Karchaoui left the restaurant.

Stop Hamraoui from playing against Real

Placed in police custody on September 14, they quickly admitted that a friend from the neighborhood called, and a fifth person to “do” for money: prevent Hamraoui from playing in the Champions League match against Real Madrid.

Placed in police custody on September 16, Aminata Diallo denied any involvement. The police did not find any material element that allowed to link him with the youth of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges but he was accused and detained pending his debate before the judge of liberties and detention this Wednesday. For the investigators, Aminata Diallo was part of “a slow psychological drift that became, let’s say, pathological”.

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